A / B Test – What is it, definition and concept

The A / B test is one that develops two different versions of the same element to evaluate what works more optimally. It is usually about launching test ads that offer revealing data on which of them is most accepted by the audience.

That is to say, in this type of test, what is usually done is to create two different versions of an element or an ad and check which of these options has better acceptance. Subsequently, the best valued will be launched on the market in a generic way.

The A / B test is a very useful way to find out what attracts people the most in relation to an ad. It is something that many brands carry out when launching their articles, previously checking what is most striking.

It must be taken into account that, when creating the different compositions to test how they are received by the audience, the elements used can be varied. For example, colors, letters or images.

When a company receives the results of this impact, it uses these types of resources or advertisements as the basis for its online advertising, for example.

What types of elements can be tested and assessed in an A / B test?

These are the most important elements to assess in an A / B test:

  • The images included and their arrangement in the.
  • The font and message included.
  • The presentation structure and the articulation of the elements around it.
  • You can also assess the degree of extension of the ad, the forms that are used or even if there are boxes to fill in data.
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What is an A / B test for?

A test of this type is very useful for the following reasons:

  • It allows to assess the interaction and acceptance of the ads in order to know what works best for the brand.
  • It is important because it can help improve certain techniques or strategies. For example, a website, a landing page or an advertisement.
  • These tests are shown randomly to a series of users and from there it is possible to analyze in detail what works best. Through the statistics that are generated, the verification of the clicks in the different options or the number of subscribers, they allow to guess the best option for its later use by the company.

A / B test example

A company decides to launch a new article, sports shoes for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. To do this, create two ads to test which one works best among users.

Use different fonts, different images and in one of them a longer message. Through this type of test, you will know the option that works best and based on this, you will choose the ad that obtains the best results for its subsequent implementation.

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