Advantages of using a VPN in your company

The VPN is a private network that allows the workers of a business connect to your work software from anywhere on the planet securely.

Before knowing the advantages that using a VPN can have in your company, it is important that you know what it is and what its functions are. The name of VPN comes from the acronym of some words in English: Virtual Private Network.

This network allows you to use the Internet with greater security and privacy, since it is a private network that is more difficult to access by a third party. To achieve this, the VPN replaces your visible IP address with another IP that is that of the VPN server. An example of companies that allow you to have a VPN is Surfshark, there you can learn more about how these types of companies work.

In this way, relocate your navigation with all the benefits that this entails. For you to understand better. Switzerland is a country that has banking secrecy, this means that when you go to open a bank account, you are assigned a code that is confidential and that the entity cannot reveal who it belongs to.

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Therefore, if transfers are made between accounts in Switzerland, it is very difficult for the authorities to know who the owners are. The same thing happens on the internet, except that instead of being the tax authorities the ones investigating individuals can be hackers with bad intentions.

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The VPN allows you to maintain your privacy in the exchange of information that occurs through the network, hiding your data from third parties.

Characteristics of a VPN

Here are some of the main features of a VPN:

  • Hide your IP address. The IP is a numerical code associated with the internet point to which a certain device is connected. This does not mean that you are anonymous on the network if you have the VPN activated. What it prevents is that they track you, know your location or collect your browsing habits.
  • Allow access to all those URLs that are restricted in your territory. For example, imagine that they are broadcasting a free-to-air Spanish Cup match on an online television in Germany. However, in Spain retransmission is paid. If you connect without a VPN to watch that game, you won’t be able to watch it because of the geographic area restriction, but if you turn on a VPN and locate it in Germany, it will let you watch it.
  • On public Wi-Fi networks, it protects you against possible attacks. Public Wi-Fi networks are dangerous because any hacker can connect and launch attacks more easily than from your private network.
  • Encryption: Encryption makes your Internet browsing more secure. With this system, it is more difficult for a hacker to access your device and collect private information that you do not want to share with anyone.

Benefits of VPNs

Below we are going to detail some of the advantages of having a VPN in your company:

  • Productivity: All companies aim to maximize the productivity of their workers. The more they are able to produce in a period of time, the better off the company will be. The VPN increases productivity, since it allows the worker to carry out their functions from anywhere with the same network as in the office.
  • Travel savings: As we have said in the previous point, it allows the worker to carry out their duties from anywhere. This favors that many face-to-face meetings can be replaced by online meetings.
  • Risk reduction: The security of the company’s information does not only depend on where the data is stored or the server on which the company’s information is hosted. Data breaches can also occur if an employee connects to an unsecured network and their device is accessed. The VPN prevents a third party from gaining easy access.
  • Work teams: For those companies that need teamwork to be able to produce at full capacity, the VPN is a solution that helps teams work autonomously and smoothly.
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In summary, a VPN is a tool that facilitates the operation of companies, offering a higher degree of security for their private information and giving their workers flexibility in terms of the workplace.

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