Advertisement – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

An advertisement is a communication message that is intended to present a product to the audience for commercial purposes.

In other words, an advertisement is a verbal, written or illustrated communication message that aims to publicize a good or service, trying to convince the public to buy it.

To be effective they need to have some support. This support can be a graphic, audiovisual or auditory element. They must be of short duration and serve to publicize companies, goods and services. Of course, the purpose is purely commercial. For that reason, advertisements are known by the name of commercials.

On the other hand, advertisements use the mass media for their dissemination. The most common mass media they use are radio, television, print media and the Internet. Its scope can be in national or international media.

Characteristics of the advertisement

Among the main characteristics that an advertisement should have are:

1. Specific and defined

To begin with, the advertisement should focus on a single aspect or benefit of the good or service it advertises, not on many aspects because the main idea of ​​the message is lost. Likewise, you must define the objectives that the message hopes to achieve and clearly identify the audience to which it is focused.

2. Coherent and located

Next, you need to be consistent. That is, all the elements used, whether graphic, visual or auditory, must be coherently related. All this so that the message keeps unity. Additionally, it must be correctly located in time and in the context in which it takes place.

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3. Colorful and creative

Also, an advertisement should attract attention. Therefore, it must be aesthetically attractive. That is why it uses images, texts, symbols and sounds that attract attention and are colorful. For its part, creativity implies that advertisements that are out of the ordinary must be produced, making the message that is communicated different from all other competing advertisements.

4. Add emotional value

Naturally, the best way to add value is to connect emotionally through the message with the audience. For this reason, the advertisement, apart from informing about the product, must emphasize the particular utility it provides to the user or the social action it triggers.

5. The message must be truthful and of quality

Finally, the message conveyed by the advertisement must be true so that the target audience does not feel cheated or defrauded. In the same way, all the details of the content must be taken care of to achieve a good impression for the audience, providing a message that meets quality conditions.

advertisement 1

What should be known before creating the advertisement?

The most important elements to know before creating an advertisement are:

1. Message to be conveyed

First of all, we must be clear about what we want to communicate to our audience. The common thing is to communicate the benefits, the attributes and the utility that the product can offer. But, we must not forget that the most important thing is to sell good ideas and not just products.

2. Target audience

Second, it is very important to know the target audience you are addressing. Because all the content, the quality and the creative message is focused on this group of people. That is why it is convenient to know the age, tastes and preferences of the group we are targeting.

3. Objective sought

Third, the goal to be achieved. That is, what people are expected to do after being exposed to the message of the advertisement.

4. Support elements

Finally, the visual, auditory, graphic and text elements that will be used must be defined.

advertisement 2
What should be known before making the announcement?

Parts of an advertisement

The parts of an advertisement are:

1. The bullet

It is a short text that is used to give strength to the main message. This text introduces the header that is placed on the extended message. The bullet must be a short but striking phrase and must contain the main idea of ​​the ad.

2. Header

It is the central point of any advertisement, it is a striking text of no more than seven words that seeks to quickly attract the attention of the audience. If the person likes it, they are seduced by the ad.

3. Content

It constitutes the body of the announcement, since the bullet and the headline only capture the attention. The content is the message that manages to convince or persuade the target audience to buy the products. Therefore, it must describe the product that is advertised to meet the expected objectives.

4. Slogan

The slogan is the element that identifies the company or the product that it advertises. It should be a short phrase that stays in the mind of the target audience. This phrase is associated with the company, brand or product it represents. It must be easy to remember and above all very original.

5. Brand

The brand gives identity and is the cover letter of a company or product. Through a brand, the company offers a solution to the user’s problems and this is what it transmits in an advertisement.

6. Image

Images are required elements within ads. The images attract, give life and emotionally bind the audience. The images can be directly from the product or something that alludes or is related to the product that is advertised.

As a conclusion, it can be affirmed that the advertisement informs about the benefits, attributes and usefulness of the products in order to market them. That is why advertisements are known by the name of commercials. They are of short duration and are carried out in a visually attractive way, to capture the attention of the public and achieve the established objectives.

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