Alexis Bautista 🥇Interview: Cryptocurrencies and passive income

In today’s video I interview Alexis Bautista.

Alexis is an entrepreneur who is positioning himself as one of the greatest experts in cryptocurrencies in the Spanish-speaking market right now. One of Alexis’s great passions is the world of investment, within which he has specialized in the cryptocurrency sector, both at an educational level (through Conquer Crypto Club) and with his own investments.

Alexis has a large community, especially on Instagram, where she touches on many topics from yield farming to private sales and other matters, and precisely because of that I have wanted to interview.

In the interview with Alexis Bautista, among many other things we talked about:

  • How generate passive income of cryptocurrencies.
  • What is the strategy of yield farming.
  • That cost effectiveness It can be obtained.
  • Which are the risks from the investment.
  • What are the differences with the staking.

You will find all this and much more in the interview that you can see in the video that appears below.

Find out who Alexis Bautista is

Topics we mentioned in the interview

Here are the main topics you will find in the interview:

➡️ How did Alexis Bautista get to the world of cryptocurrencies?

The first contact he had with investments was already with cryptocurrencies, and that has given him the opportunity to know the language very well of this world, unlike perhaps people who start investing through the stock market, for example, and then move on to investing in cryptocurrencies.

His first investment was in Ethereum in 2017. He made all the mistakes that can be made, he acknowledges, but it was a stage of maximum learning.

➡️ Age is not important to invest

Although Alexis Bautista has started very young in the world of investments in cryptocurrencies, age is not really important to invest, the important thing is have a solid foundation and curiosity to learn, desire, tenacity … to get to have advanced knowledge. On the other hand, it is never too late to start learning.

➡️ What is the yield farming?

The yield farming is based on the concept thathaving liquidity is a business: it is about providing liquidity in cryptocurrencies to different platforms that need that liquidity, and in return obtain some returns for making that deposit of assets.

This model of search for profitability by storage of cryptocurrencies has the advantage that generates daily returns, without having to sell your portfolio.

➡️How is the yield farming of the staking?

For the user, it can be said that it is the same, but internally the mechanism is very different. The staking gives you passive income, but at a lower return than the yield farming, which can generate passive income even to small portfolios (between 4 and 10% per year in the case of staking, between 100% -200% per year in the case of yield farming).

➡️ What are the risks of this type of investment?

One of the possible risks is the potential “hacking” of the Smart Contract, but there is already insurance for this. He too Impermanent loss and the decline in cryptocurrencies are risks. Alexis is very vehement in remarking that in all investments there are risks, but that he considers that other more classical investments also have certain insecurities.

In addition to that, as in all investments, the main risk is that of investing without knowing what you are doing. Because it is important to train.

➡️Cryptocurrency training by Alexis Bautista

Both on the Instagram channel and on Alexis Bautista’s YouTube channel are training live from Monday to Thursday on investments in cryptocurrencies.

What is your opinion about the interview with Alexis Bautista?

I would love to know what you think of the interview with Alexis Bautista and if it has made you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, if you are not doing it already.

As you know, I have started to regularly publish interviews with great entrepreneurs and investors, so feel free to tell me in the comment box below who you would like me to interview in the future.

Until the next article, I wish you a very happy investment!

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