Barcelona Stock Exchange – What it is, definition and concept

The Barcelona Stock Exchange is one of the main official stock exchanges in the Spanish financial and stock market. It is considered as one of the secondary markets most relevant from the country.

On the Spanish stock market map, the Barcelona Stock Exchange is identified as one of the most important platforms for the exchange and negotiation of financial securities or shares.

The Barcelona stock exchange carries out its work jointly with the rest of the Spanish markets and the Iberclear network.

In this sense, this stock exchange is one more of the subsidiaries that make up the group Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME). Along with the Madrid Stock Exchange, it is considered the most relevant, hosting a significant volume of financial transactions in Spain.

Its headquarters have been located in the Catalan capital since its birth in 1915, with Paseo de Gracia being its current and main location since the 1990s.

Relevance of the Barcelona Stock Exchange

Physically, it currently has facilities adapted to monitoring and contracting financial products on the global market.

For this, it allows access to equipped financial terminals or contact with middle office personnel assigned to stock market activities.

The Barcelona Stock Exchange also occupies a prominent place in the field of data disclosure, main stock market indices or economic interest ratios. So much so that it produces the issuance of so-called basic data, a document with updated information of an investment and financial nature.

Origin of the Barcelona Stock Exchange

Although this institution has historical antecedents that go back to the 12th century, the current Barcelona Stock Exchange establishes its constitution at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Already at the end of the 19th century, the Spanish response to industrial advances and the creation of a large number of commercial companies resulted in the origin of an incipient financial market. As a result of this, the need was born in points such as Catalonia for a space for the exchange of commercial values.

It is in the year 1915 when this bag was formally born. But the years passed and, in recent decades and up to the present, its transformation is defined by technological progress and the appearance of new electronic stock exchange systems.

Organization of the Barcelona Stock Exchange

The Barcelona Stock Exchange has a structure defined as follows:

  • Board of directors: It is the highest representative level of the institution, which is made up of the president or the executive president and their directors. Their work is formally applied by the hand of a designated secretary and a vice president.
  • Management team: It addresses three different fields thanks to the appointment of direct managers in each of them: BME Post-Trade, Markets and Information and Listing.

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