Beaches in Barranquilla: what they are and how to take advantage of them when investing

The beaches in Barranquilla are a perfect option for those looking to relax from the stresses of everyday life. In addition to this, there is also the possibility of participating in the tourism sector through a real estate investment.

In this article we are going to explain in detail those factors to take into account if you want to make an investment in the beaches of Barranquilla. In order to make a real estate investment as safe as possible, you must study in depth the location and the type of property that is going to be acquired.

The growth of Barranquilla

Barranquilla is a coastal city located in the north of the country, at the outlet of the imposing Magdalena River to the Caribbean Sea, in the department of Atlántico. From the city you have access to various beaches, each with its own characteristics and for this reason, they attract different types of tourism. Thus, if you are thinking of investing in housing to rent to tourists, you should know them to choose the best location.

The first thing to mention is that the beaches of Barranquilla are an interesting option for housing projects. This applies both to living, as it suits your lifestyle, as well as to renting, making a profit and building family wealth.

The reason? Basically, the tourist sites and their dynamics have an effect on the valuation of the properties. Consequently, the increase in the value of a property is stimulated. Therefore, the possibilities of taking advantage of it are opened by exploring the apartments for sale in Barranquilla.

During the last decade, Barranquilla was an example at the national level in poverty reduction, as it fell from 43% to 20% thanks to state investments. In addition, the indicator in the generation of employment was multiplied by 1.43. This compared to other cities such as Bogotá and Medellín, which were below 1.35 or 1.26 (Portafolio, 2019).

Which are the best beaches on Barranquilla?

Getting into the matter, all Barranquilla beaches are beautiful, but they have different characteristics. Some have hammocks, others with booths; Some are better to visit from Monday to Friday, others on weekends. Next, we tell you the most outstanding features of each one:

  1. Sailboat Port Barranquilla

The first to name is Puerto Velero Barranquilla, which is located at km 88 on the road to the sea towards Barranquilla – Cartagena. This is equivalent to about a 30-minute drive. There you will be able to see an extensive beach, where you have a great gastronomic offer with dishes such as prawns and shellfish on the seashore.

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In this sense, one of the best recommendations is the Mar & Mar restaurant. They offer both food to enjoy on the spot and to take away.

  1. Sabanilla Beach

It is one of the closest to this city, as it is only 5 kilometers away by road. Consequently, it is also the most visited of this entire list. It is a great option for all those who want to know something that is close to the city.

Now, the short-term rental housing offer becomes interesting due to the proximity to a variety of typical restaurants. You can visit the Villa Alcatraz Restaurant, it is located in a privileged location facing the Caribbean Sea.

  1. Mendoza Beach Barranquilla

Mendoza Barranquilla Beach is located 37 kilometers from this city and can be reached by public transport or car. It has a good tropical climate and it is excellent to rest thanks to its enormous and characteristic palm trees. In addition, here you have a headquarters of Xielo, which is the famous skydiving academy, in case you want to live new experiences.

There you can relax in Cabaña Villamelita, which is one of the most popular in the area. Additionally, you can rest after a day of a lot of physical activity, as it is one of the open beaches in Barranquilla ideal for adventurers (Patrimonio de Colombia, 2020).

  1. Santa Veronica Beach

Perhaps the prettiest of them all Barranquilla’s beaches, besides being the largest. It is located in San Juan de Acosta, 35 kilometers from Barranquilla. A great variety of restaurants abounds, where typical dishes such as fried shrimp or fish are recommended.

As for restaurants, LaMar Beach Club stands out, offering all kinds of food and drinks in a Caribbean and South American style. It is a perfect beach to spend the day, eat delicious food and live an excellent day with good music.

  1. Pradomar Beach

This is one of the beaches in Barranquilla that are next to the Malecón of Puerto Colombia. 30 minutes from Barranquilla, it is great to enjoy with the family, since it is one of the cheapest.

It has a wide range of bars and restaurants, as well as beautiful views of the sea of ​​Barranquilla (Patrimonio de Colombia, 2020).

Its economy is based on tourism, which makes it a short- and long-stay hospitality market.

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Well, you know what the beaches in Barranquilla that you need to visit sometime. As you have seen, in them you can enjoy different types of tourism.

Barranquilla’s beaches in figures

Now, how is the hospitality market in Barranquilla? According to figures from Cotelco, the occupancy of the hotel centers in Barranquilla was at the level of Cartagena, between 30% and 34% (Infobae, 2021). In terms of P2P hosting or through platforms such as Airbnb or Booking, the last quarter of 2021 saw average daily earnings of 61 USD with an occupancy rate of 17% and 320 USD in the aforementioned quarter.

You can take advantage of accommodation platforms, as is the case with Hotels in Colombia Travel, which is in charge of the Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia (Cotelco) and seeks to improve the hotel offer (Hosteltur, 2020).

This shows that there is a good average number of visitors, since it was fully committed to family tourism. Regarding specific growth, Barranquilla registered a 60% increase in visitors in the last 4 months of 2021. That is, it received 53 thousand foreign visitors during the last fourth quarter, according to Infobae.

One of the most recent and well-known actions was the inauguration of the tourist information point on the Gran Malecón. This is the most important government ecotourism project in Colombia. The objective? Attract even more interested tourists to the beaches of Barranquilla. Thus, the projection of an investment in this area for the future is demonstrated (El Heraldo, 2022).

Also the beaches in Barranquilla they are usually a good place to attract new events, such as the World Kitesurfing Championships. This, added to the construction of several sports areas, explains the growing private interest in the area (Infobae, 2022). In addition, various water sports such as Windsurfing and Snorkeling are practiced, making “la arenasa” a tourist destination for amateurs and professionals.

It is worth mentioning that long-term or traditional leases in the beaches in Barranquilla they are 30% cheaper than in Bogotá. For example, for properties of 60 to 80 square meters, the rental value per square meter is approximately 19,310 pesos (Portfolio, 2019). Most of the properties have these characteristics and dimensions, which shows that it is aimed at a middle class audience.

Then? How to make an investment in good root?

All indicators seem to show that it is an excellent time to invest in this zone. Due to the beautiful beaches in Barranquilla and to investment improvements in the area, there was a 23% increase in sales, according to a report by Caracol Atlántico (Portfolio, 2019).

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The methodology is very simple, you start by choosing a house in the process of construction (if you need payment facilities for the initial fee). Once the house is delivered to you, you rent it, and by positioning your rental business and with the rental fee, you can support the mortgage loan installments.

In this way, housing projects can be a perfect option for those who want apartments for sale in Barranquilla. You can explore La Haus, Arquitectura y Concreto, Área Caribe or Coninsa, for example.

However, Barranquilla is the city with the most homeowners, which demonstrates the value of investing in buying and, above all, the facilities to do so. For example, according to a report by the real estate consultant Tinsa, 66% of people have a property, while 22% still live for rent (Portfolio, 2019).

What are the benefits of living near the beach?

Here are the benefits of being close to the sea:

  • Fresh air: if you are already saturated with the atmosphere of big cities, nothing better than being near the sea. After a day of work you can go for a walk and refresh yourself, something that will help you relax. You will also be able to sit and look at the sea and transform this into a routine activity.
  • Less stress: during the year, the rhythm of life near the beaches is calmer. Between December and February, which is the time when there will be more visitors, you can take the opportunity to relax and socialize. All people are looking to relax and avoid any kind of conflict.
  • Good connectivity: finally, we must not forget that these beaches are also located a few kilometers from Barranquilla. So if you need to visit the big cities, you will only be a few minutes away. Thus, you will always have the beauty of Barranquilla at your disposal, unlike what happens with more remote beaches (El Mostrador, 2021).

Ultimately, the beaches in Barranquilla they are perfect to visit, but it can also be interesting to invest in them.

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