Billboard – What it is, definition and concept

Billboards are structures or supports that are outside and advertisements are added to them.

In other words, a billboard is a large commercial sign located outdoors.

Advertising is vital for a business. It is the best way to establish campaigns to publicize the products and services of a brand.

One of the options that exist to give visibility to the services or products of a brand is the use of the billboard.

With this option, it is possible to give great visibility to everything that is advertised on this type of media. Billboards tend to have large dimensions so they allow the advertisements that are inserted in them to contain more information.

What is a billboard for?

Billboards are often used to advertise some type of service, item or to give visibility to a brand. Messages are also often added to raise awareness among the population or even to announce a certain event.

Because they are usually located on the roads, striking images are used to attract attention and more concise and direct text because drivers passing by do not have much time to read them.

What do billboards offer?

Although usually online advertising is the most used, this type of media is still used to disseminate advertising messages. They offer the following:

  • They offer the possibility of having an advertisement visible 24 hours a day. A certain time is agreed for its exhibition, but during that time, it is always visible to the public.
  • You can choose the place strategically. For example, if I want to promote an amusement park, I can place a billboard in a place that is more frequented by families. The location of the place where to put a billboard is something very important to get a good return.
  • Information that is advertised on billboards can reach large numbers of people. Even other types of customers that the brand had not taken into account.
  • The results and effects of this type of advertising are immediate. You do not have to turn on the television to see the ad, it is visible to everyone from the first minute.
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What are the characteristics of billboards?

These are the most prominent:

  • Striking colors and striking images. Billboards should stand out for their visual impact.
  • The message must be concise and legible.
  • The material used for the elaboration of a billboard must be of quality to optimally include the impression of the advertisement and also so that the inclement weather does not affect it.
  • You have to assess the dimensions, since one of the strengths of the billboard is the size.
  • The emergence of new technologies has led to the improvement of all kinds of techniques and media related to advertising. Billboards are no strangers to this and some companies use interactive media to attract much more attention.

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