Briefing – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

A briefing is the starting point for any advertising campaign. It is a brief document in which all the information that all those involved need to know, so that the campaign is successful, is written down.

In other words, the briefing involves all the strategic actions in the preparation of an advertising campaign. This document contains all the information that is required regarding the situation of a company or the marketing situation of a product.

Undoubtedly, the briefing seeks to determine the problem faced, the objectives and the target market that is expected to be achieved. With this information, the actions to be carried out in each specific case are defined. The briefing defines the work scheme that orders all the tasks of all those involved in carrying out the campaign.

Characteristics of a briefing

A briefing must meet certain important characteristics to be effective. A briefing should be:

  • Of course: It should contain information expressed as clearly as possible. This, so that it can be easily understood and does not give rise to confusion. In other words, the information should be simple enough not to generate doubts or different interpretations.
  • Brief: The document should be brief, since it should only be a summary of the most important data of each section. It should be a short and concise document
  • Submit in written form: If the document is written, it will be clearer and more concrete. This allows your approach to be direct and not include information that is not relevant.
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Important points to understand

The most important points to understand are the following

1. The briefing is a guide

First of all, the briefing should be used as a guide or a map that helps to clearly know the starting point and the arrival point. This guide should be prepared to help everyone involved in the work team. This, so that each one applies the same strategy to achieve the proposed objectives and goals.

2. There is no single briefing

Second, the briefing takes place at three different times. Before carrying out the project, to define the communication strategy. During the execution of the project, to have a reference of how it is working. And finally, at the end of the project, to evaluate and defend the strategy and the campaign.

3. The briefing serves to define the strategy

Thirdly, the briefing serves to establish the strategy to be followed. Of course, the strategy must be defined for it to be a winner. This is the fundamental key to design the communication message. This message should be well focused and very precise.

Additionally, a well-designed briefing helps advertising agencies to do their job better. Thus, it favors the saving of time and energy, because it indicates the fundamental decisions of the content. For any successful campaign, the most important thing is the basic promise and that this promise is credible.

Important points to understand

Types of briefings

There are different types according to their function, their characteristics and the use that is given to them. Among the types of briefing we find:

  • Of business: It is the briefing used by companies where the general project is detailed. Define objectives, target audience, sales goals, among some important elements to mention. In other words, it summarizes the details of the business project actions that need to be implemented. His focus is more on business and on the strategic side.
  • Of marketing: This focuses on summarizing all the details of the marketing project that needs to be put into practice. It is very useful as a starting point for any traditional or digital marketing action.
  • Advertising: In this document, the advertising company transmits to the communication agency the instructions to develop its advertising campaign. It is the document that serves as a tool to manage the advertising campaign more efficiently. It serves as a reference to establish advertising actions.
  • Creative: Creative briefing pays more attention to design to generate ideas that are original and relevant. This document collects information that is essential to produce creative ideas that help solve communication problems.
briefing 2
Types of briefings

What can a briefing be used for?

A briefing can be used to help:

  • Budget a project: It can help pinpoint the cost of the project more accurately, if you have a certain level of background information.
  • Serve as project guide: The document serves as a reference to perform each task and as a reference document for each team member.
  • It is used to evaluate: The briefing is constituted as a guide to evaluate the partial and final results of the project.

In conclusion, it can be said that the briefing can simply be defined as a methodology or as a daily element that all professionals must use. But of course, it is not a simple document, but rather a methodology that helps all professionals to be more efficient and effective. Of course, this does not mean that situations of failure are eliminated, but it does favor better decision-making and the application of better strategies to achieve results.

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