Calviño insists that the labor reform conditions 12,000 million | Fortune

The negotiation of the labor reform is entering its decisive phase of dialogue, and, in this sense, the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviñor, he assured that “a good agreement” is on the way, which will be a milestone to rewrite the next page and that it is “key to achieving 12,000 million euros” from the European recovery plan, endowed with 140,000 million euros. And he pointed out, during his speech at the closing ceremony of the XX CEDE Directors’ Congress, organized in Córdoba, that the labor reform must look to the future to “eradicate precariousness” while favoring the competitiveness of companies.

According to Calviño, Spain will reach cruising speed in 2022, but for this “we all have to row in the same direction”, since “we have a good recovery plan, resources and the determination to carry it out together”. He also stressed that the recovery phase is underway, and is going from less to more, since since March “unprecedented measures have been approved to protect the productive fabric and family income.” And he compared the current economic crisis, unleashed by the pandemic, with the financial crisis of 2008, in which “it took 10 years to recover the activity that existed and 12 years to recover employment, with a significant drop in public investment and private ”.

In this sense, he highlighted the coordinated response to face the current crisis, and the recovery of employment as one of the most important symptoms, as well as tax revenues, the protection of the most vulnerable groups and investment. Therefore, the next challenge, said the minister, is “to make good use of European recovery funds”, since we are “on the path before the previous financial crisis hit us, from which we had not recovered when this crisis hit us. virus”.

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For Calviño, the thermometer that marks this progress is the labor market, “and the trend is positive”, since affiliation to Social Security “confirms the 20 million employed, like the 190,000 people in ERTE, with the perspective that their departure continues to accelerate in the month of November ”.

He also remarked that employment is at the same level as in the pre-pandemic. Therefore, it is important, he added, that the recovery is “strong, sustained and fair, and not a rebound.”

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