Jack Ma – Economipedia

Jack Ma, born in the Chinese town of Hangzhou in 1964, is known for being the creator of the Alibaba sales portal. As an entrepreneur, he positions himself in favor of the free market economy. Given his business background and the influence of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma is considered one of the most powerful … Leer más

Geocommerce – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Geocommerce is a new discipline with enormous potential that provides information for companies to make business decisions based on spatial or geographic variables. In other words, for organizations to make more effective business decisions, they use the geographical position of their customers and their markets as a basis. That way, it is easier to determine … Leer más

Commercial art – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Commercial art is all the services provided to produce artistic creations for the purpose of marketing them. This, using color, drawing, graphic design, typography, multimedia design and photography to promote companies, brands and products. Commercial art is a subdivision of art that allows for creative designs to communicate messages. These messages are used by industry … Leer más