How to get the SBS report for free and online

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP is the entity in charge of regulating and supervising both the financial and insurance systems and the private pension system. This entity also has financial information on users, and offers the option that, as a user, you can view your debt report, free, on its website or in … Leer más

Infocorp: How to know if I am blacklisted

“How know if I am in Infocorp? ” It is one of the most frequent queries that people who have contracted a financial service, such as a loan or credit, have. However, being in this credit bureau is not what should concern them, but being in the Infocorp blacklist, but why? Infocorp: That is the … Leer más

Pool how to get out of bank debts quickly?

The bank debts they cause stress and worry in people. Especially when our financial situation changes and we have trouble paying them. And it is that the delinquencies imply that the interests of the debt increase and that, in addition, our credit rating is harmed. But get out of bank debts it is possible if … Leer más

What to do with the accumulated fund?

On April 23, the Government of Peru promulgated Law No. 31171, which authorizes the withdrawal of the CTS. In other words, workers could now withdraw 100% of the CTS accumulated in financial institutions. This is an extraordinary withdrawal from said fund, and it is a way in which the State seeks to support families that … Leer más

In which cases is a debt purchase convenient?

When we have debts with different banks, savings banks, among other financial entities, it can sometimes be problematic for us to comply with the timely payment of installments. In this situation, among many others, it is convenient to opt for the debt purchase. Advantages and disadvantages of buying debt In this publication we will talk … Leer más