What to do with the accumulated fund?

On April 23, the Government of Peru promulgated Law No. 31171, which authorizes the withdrawal of the CTS. In other words, workers could now withdraw 100% of the CTS accumulated in financial institutions. This is an extraordinary withdrawal from said fund, and it is a way in which the State seeks to support families that … Leer más

In which cases is a debt purchase convenient?

When we have debts with different banks, savings banks, among other financial entities, it can sometimes be problematic for us to comply with the timely payment of installments. In this situation, among many others, it is convenient to opt for the debt purchase. Advantages and disadvantages of buying debt In this publication we will talk … Leer más

When and how to withdraw my AFP 2021

At the beginning of May, a law was enacted authorizing the extraordinary withdrawal of up to 4 UIT from the AFP. Despite the fact that the law was issued at the beginning of the month, the request for retirement can only be made from this May 27, following the schedule of each pension fund. Here … Leer más

Complete guide to bank debts

Many times we hear the word “debt” and associate it with something negative. However, this is not necessarily the case. And, just as there are bad debts, there are also good debts. But how is this possible? In this publication we want to explain more about it and offer you a complete debt guide that … Leer más

Tips to better manage personal finances

Have a good handle on your personal finance It will allow you to enjoy a stable economy with growth potential. But do you know how to be in control of them? Tips for improving your personal finances The following tips will help you take better control of your finances. You will soon be able to … Leer más