Originality and Copyright | Idearium

There is no concept more indeterminate or better suited to the words of Saint Augustine than that of originality. “If nobody asks me, I know, if I try to explain it, I don’t know”, the saint already said. Our Intellectual Property Law protects formally expressed original creations that may or may not be art. And … Leer más

Ten years that changed consumption | Idearium

Since the 2008 crisis broke out until now, there are two clearly marked periods. Until 2013, spending by Spanish families fell sharply, falling by 8.8%. In the second period, it skyrocketed (+ 9.3%), approaching the levels of 2008. Despite the push in recent years, the annual spending of Spanish families has contracted from 32,000 euros … Leer más

Savings and investment: the importance of making the most of our money | It’s you, not your money

The pandemic, restrictions and home confinement have led us to necessarily change our routines and consumption habits, although we continue to drag certain behaviors: deposits continue to be the financial product par excellence for many Spaniards. At the end of March, the National Institute of Statistics published the savings figures for Spanish households in 2020, … Leer más