Happy Financial Education Day!

Today, like every October 5, the Financial Education Day is celebrated. A day that, after reading the article, will be high on your agenda next year. Today, like every October 5, Financial Education Day is celebrated throughout Latin America. Although the existence of this day may be unknown, it should be added that this event … Leer más

Has Keynes returned to South America?

In recent years, the news of the economic press in South America seemed to be marked (although with exceptions) by a greater concern about the budget balance, long-term debt sustainability, the reduction of inflation and the recovery of economic freedom . All these issues have traditionally been linked to economic schools such as the monetarist, … Leer más

Global pandemic drives cryptocurrency use

The impact of COVID-19 on the global economy is driving a series of profound changes, such as the digitization of commercial exchanges or the implementation of huge macroeconomic stimulus plans. One of them is the use of cryptocurrencies, which are presented as a refuge for many investors and could play a fundamental role both as … Leer más

Foreign trade shows its strengths once again

Foreign trade, as reflected by the indicators, has not stopped operating even in times of pandemic. However, the protectionist message, using the pandemic to gain followers, is gaining more and more weight. On numerous occasions, at Economipedia we have debated the importance of foreign trade for boosting economies, as well as the close relationship, manifested … Leer más

A risky and incomplete economic recovery

The stimulus plans applied are not accessible to all the economies that make up the planet. In the same way, indebtedness begins to question whether they are accessible, even for certain developed economies. Faced with an unforeseen crisis such as the pandemic that threatens our economies today, many are the countries that have begun to … Leer más

Special elections United States 2020

Trump and Biden face off at the polls to reach the presidency of the United States. Atypical elections, conditioned by the pandemic, and transcendental for the recovery of the world economy. A few hours after knowing the result of the elections in the United States, the planet is debating whether, finally, it will be Biden, … Leer más