What did the Sumerians invent? | 2023

The Sumerians are considered the oldest civilization in the world, they were located in Mesopotamia and stood out for being pioneers in the field of writing, in the development of the first laws or for being considered the inventors of the wheel. Not only are they at the origin of writing, but they also brought … Leer más

Data protection insurance | 2023

A data protection insurance is one whose coverage is financial losses that occur as a result of violations of data protection regulated by law. Therefore, we are dealing with a protection product, such as the one for the home or the car. Only, in this case, what it covers is the possibility that we violate … Leer más

How does financial education change your life?

In our day to day, we constantly make economic decisions. Spend, save, invest… What is the right choice? Are you managing your money well? Suddenly, financial education becomes an essential tool in our lives. And it is that, a good financial education allows us to take advantage of key opportunities in our lives and helps … Leer más