Amortization of intangibles | 2022

The amortization of intangibles is the accounting treatment that a company grants to its intangible assets throughout their useful life. In the field of accounting, the amortization of intangibles makes it possible to formally record the benefits that this type of asset generates for a company throughout the period of time in which they are … Leer más

Cannibalization of products | 2022

Product cannibalization is the decline in sales of a particular item, generally due to the fact that it has been substituted for another.. The substitute does not necessarily come from the competition, but from the same company that offers the replaced product. In other words, the cannibalization of products is generated when the sales of … Leer más

Risk-weighted assets | 2022

Risk-weighted assets are a tool for evaluating the solvency of a banking entity. Among the various assets that a bank has, it is necessary to take into account the different risks they face. The banks maintain the assets by weighted risk, taking into account said risks undertaken and proportionally establishing a capital maintenance. In this … Leer más