Visible hand – What is it, definition and concept

The visible hand refers to business management that coordinates economic activity following market mechanisms. The visible hand is produced through the administration function carried out by managers and specialized people within companies. This achieves the efficiency of production and distribution activities In other words, the visible hand is a theory that maintains that the management … Leer más

Development poles – What is it, definition and concept

The development poles are small geographical areas in which the location of industrial activities is promoted to stimulate the development of the region. The location of industrial activities gives strength and growth to economic activity. In other words, the development poles are specific areas where industrial production is promoted. Generally, these poles seek to implement … Leer más

How to trade cryptocurrencies safely?

Cryptocurrency trading is all the rage right now. All controversy aside, the truth is that cryptocurrencies have proven to be very profitable for many investors. That is why there are specialized brokers, such as Margex, where you can use them to trade with them, and even obtain leverage in cryptocurrencies. However, before investing, you need … Leer más

Marginal efficiency of capital | Economipedia

The marginal efficiency of capital allows determining the probable return that an investment will achieve in a future period of time. Basically, this return will depend on the costs and the expected sales in the period of the useful life of the capital good. Also, it can be said that the marginal efficiency of capital … Leer más

Technical efficiency – What is it, definition and concept

Technical efficiency refers to the moment in which an economy is producing the maximum possible with the available resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to maximize productivity with the available technology. In other words, technical efficiency, also known as productive efficiency, refers to when an economy reaches the maximum possible production with the available … Leer más

Retail – What is it, definition and concept

Retail, in some Spanish-speaking countries, is the expression used to refer to the retail sector, also known as retail trade. Therefore, when we say “retail sale” or use this expression, we refer to the retail sector. This sector, in addition to the retail sector, is also known as “retail sector” or “retail trade”, or, as … Leer más

African Development Bank | Economipedia

The African Development Bank is an institution whose mission is to promote sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction on the African continent. To that end, it finances development projects through loans to public and private entities. In other words, the African Development Bank is an entity that promotes economic development in Africa. This, through the … Leer más