Certificate of ownership – What it is, definition and concept | 2023

A certificate of ownership is a document by which a bank officially affirms the holder and owner of an account.

In other words, it is a document that can only be issued by the bank from which it is requested and which, in turn, the applicant must be a customer.

On the other hand, in addition to banking entities, we could include financial and investment entities, in which we could also request a certificate that affirms that we are the owners of investment products, or, where appropriate, loans and debts.

Characteristics and utility of the certificate of ownership

Ownership certificates are characterized by including in a single document, data related to the bank (IBAN and SWIFT), the customer (name and identification number), as well as a unique identifier plus the date of issue.

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In this way, with all this data the relationship between a client and an entity is certified.

On the other hand, the utility of a certificate of this class is key in some processes. One of these processes is to take out a mortgage. When we take out a mortgage, the bank, whether it is ours or not, will ask us for a large number of documents to get to know each other even better. And among them, there will be the certificate of ownership.

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This happens when:

  • The bank with which we are going to contract the mortgage is not our current bank.
  • We have several accounts in different entities and, therefore, we must prove it.

This certificate may also be requested by certain visa processes to other countries, in which the migrant is required to have a certain financial health. In addition, in companies in which to avoid money laundering, a certificate of this type is required.

Example of certificate of ownership

Below is an example of a Santander bank certificate:


As can be seen, the certificate contains all the data that has been described in previous sections in a clear and orderly manner.

In this class of documents, minimalism and the accuracy of the data prevail, before the aesthetics or the writing of the same. For this reason, it is common that in addition to being able to get it physically at a bank office, it can be issued automatically digitally from your bank’s website or app.

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