CISA Certification – What it is, definition and concept | 2023

Therefore, the Certification of Information Systems Auditor (Certified Information Systems Auditor) allows demonstrating the necessary knowledge and experience of a professional before third parties. In addition, it is a way of regulating this activity related to information technology.

It would be something similar to quality standards. In the case of these, it is the company that obtains them and implies that it meets a certain quality. In the audit certificate, it is the professional who accredits his worth.

Importance of a CISA Certification

The IS sector is increasingly relevant in a world where technology is essential for global operation. Therefore, there are several reasons to obtain a CISA certification. Let’s see the most relevant:

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  • The first is to obtain international recognition in a sector that, as we have mentioned, is key in a globalized world.
  • It combines, in this recognition, knowledge and experience. In fact, not only do you have to pass an exam, but you also have to prove experience in IS auditing.
  • There are more and more public administrations and companies that require it to hire the services of a professional in the sector.
  • Obtaining this certificate allows access to better positions and, therefore, obtain higher income for the work done.

The processional experience in CISA certification

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It must be said that the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) is the one that offers this CISA certification. The exam that allows us to obtain it requires that we accredit at least 5 years of experience in auditing within the last 10 years.

This time can be reduced if we have a master’s degree in information systems or technology (one year). Also if we demonstrate an equivalent qualification of two to four years (up to two years). Lastly, concrete experience in information systems.

On the other hand, ISACA and some companies also offer the necessary preparation for the exam. In addition, there are several formats, both virtual and face-to-face. The association offers a 12-month subscription to a database related to such auditing activity.

The CISA exam and certification

To obtain the certificate, in addition to the accredited experience, you must pass an exam, which has an application fee and a registration fee. This will consist of 150 multiple-choice questions and is scored on a scale of 200 to 800, with 450 being the minimum to pass.

On the other hand, said test covers the following domains:

  1. Information system audit process, which accounts for 23% of the total.
  2. Government and management of information technologies, whose percentage is 17%.
  3. Acquisition, development and implementation of IS, with a percentage of 12%.
  4. Operations, maintenance and management of IS services, with 23%.
  5. Lastly, protection of information assets, with 27%.

Once the CISA certification is obtained, it must be renewed and 20 hours of professional education credits must be accredited per year. In addition, a fee is paid that varies depending on whether you are an ISACA member or not and that includes an annual audit.

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