Commercial art – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Commercial art is all the services provided to produce artistic creations for the purpose of marketing them. This, using color, drawing, graphic design, typography, multimedia design and photography to promote companies, brands and products.

Commercial art is a subdivision of art that allows for creative designs to communicate messages. These messages are used by industry and commerce to promote and sell their products.

In other words, commercial art is used for advertising purposes because it is used to create advertisements that are used to sell goods and services.

Undoubtedly, advertising uses attractive designs and the creative work of artists to communicate and offer higher quality content. Also, it could be said that advertising becomes a tool to spread art and general culture. Therefore, artistic expressions become part of advertising.

Of course, the commercial artist is paid for their creations, either as an employee working at an advertising agency or as a freelancer selling their creations to the advertising studio or marketing department. These creations can be mass-produced or customized and respond to customer needs. Thus, they are made to stimulate interest in a brand, product or company.

In what areas is commercial art used?

From the 20th century commercial art has evolved at great speed. Thus, specialists in all fields of commercial art have appeared. Likewise, a huge number of advertising agencies or studios have emerged that offer a wide range of services.

Naturally, creations of high artistic value have appeared, even creations that can become vulgar and grotesque. Established styles have been abandoned in favor of new, innovative and popular styles.

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Commercial art can be used in different areas such as:

  • Edition.
  • Advertising.
  • Packaging design.
  • Cinema.
  • Television.
  • Fashion.
  • Interior design.
  • Industrial design.
Commercial Art 1
In what areas is commercial art used?


Among the most important applications of commercial art we find:

  • Sketch design: Elements such as drawing, typography, lettering and photography must be combined in the design of sketches. All these elements are used to achieve impressive, interesting and attractive ads.
  • Illustrations: Illustrations are used in media such as newspapers, books, magazines, and websites. For this, the texts are analyzed and studied to seek to adapt the illustrations that best fit each case. The quality of the illustration positions the image of the product or company.
  • Photography: Photography is another very important element that is used, whether using real or retouched photos. It all depends on whether you want to impact with the real images captured or project an image that responds to the needs of the message.
  • Cartoons: Caricatures are often used in advertising, animated films, television series and to illustrate humorous texts.
Commercial Art 2
Application of commercial art

Where can we observe commercial art?

Commercial art can be seen in:

  • Publicity and promotion: Commercial art is applied in advertising and promotion using images, illustrations, paintings, photographs and any other graphic medium that adds value to the message.
  • Creation and brand design: It is used to visually design the brand in an attractive and suggestive way.
  • Design of containers and packaging: It is the art applied to the development of containers and packaging that are unique and attractive. This helps create differentiation for the product.
  • Written publications and web design: Making illustrations, covers and graphic resources for the presentation of books, magazines and websites.
  • Decor: Decoration can be used for products and interiors.
  • Physical Environments: Adaptation of commercial environments that are visually interesting and beautiful.
  • Communication: Use of sign designs that are used to convey a message.
  • Fashion: Design applied to fashion responds to current market trends and demands.
  • Games: Characters and environments in which games take place are usually designed.
  • Entertainment: In the area of ​​movies where great creative talent is required.
  • Pop Art: It is to use the urban environment and the collective culture to create an advertising image, so that art becomes an element with a commercial application.

As a conclusion, we can say that commercial art is used to advertise goods and services. This, using creative and artistic designs in manual or digital form that are attractive and interesting for the target audience. Commercial art allows goods and services to be presented to consumers through images that attract their attention, promoting the promotion and advertising of products.

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