Complementary income – What is it, definition and concept

Therefore, we are facing an economic concept with multiple meanings. In this way, we can include any income supplement to our salary, subsidy or pension. For example, occasional jobs as an editor that we combine with another as a dependent.

Of course, it always refers to those incomes that serve to complement another, which has to be the main one. Therefore, those who are perceived as the only source of income and we depend only on them would be left out.

Supplemental income and work

On many occasions we set ourselves the goal of obtaining extra income that serves for those small expenses. Thus, we can consider a part-time job that we can combine with the main one and that provides us with added income.

In most countries it is known as moonlighting and it is always legal with some limitations. So we can have two jobs or one for someone else and another for self-employment. As we have mentioned before, the objective is to have a higher global income.

Supplemental Income and Unemployment

This option differs from the previous one because the main source of income is the unemployment benefit. In this way and always within the limits established by law, we seek complementary income to this aid.

Normally, the legislation has two requirements. One that must be notified to the department that manages unemployment in our country. The other, that the proportional part will be deducted, where appropriate, with certain scales and limits.

retirement pension

Now we are in the last stage of our life. We decided that, apart from the retirement pension, we want to obtain other small amounts of income. Here too a number of requirements must be met.

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The rule is similar in many countries. Thus, in Spain, the self-employed worker who does not exceed the minimum wage and the figure of the active pensioner is allowed in flexible retirement. Without going into details, in these cases you can have additional income.

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