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Craig Wright is an Australian businessman and computer scientist who has come to claim to be the father of Bitcoin. However, experts and journalists have determined that these claims are not true.

Brisbane businessman Craig Wright went so far as to proclaim that he was the true creator of Bitcoin. But the controversy, the lack of concrete information and the controversies created by Wright create more than doubts about his role as the founder of the first cryptocurrency.

Education and Career Path of Craig Wright

Born in 1970 in the Australian city of Brisbane, he obtained university degrees in Computer Systems Security and Information and Communication Technologies.

He began working in the university field, working at Charles Sturt University. Meanwhile, he completed his studies in International Trade Law and Statistics.

Beyond the academic aspects, he provided services for various companies and even worked at the Australian Stock Exchange. However, his personal and professional reputations took a serious hit when he was convicted in 2004 of spying on DeMorgan Information Security Systems customers and making them fraudulent offers.

Despite this, Wright became CEO of Hotwire Preemptive Intelligence Group. His attempts to turn the company into a kind of bitcoin bank failed due to the legal complexities of the Australian system.

Subsequently, Wright continued to delve into the cryptocurrency sector through his company DeMorgan Limited.

The creator of Bitcoin?

There has always been a great desire to know who is behind the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus, in 2015, it was thought that it could be Craig Wright, although the suspicions were eventually ruled out.

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Already in 2016, a series of cryptographic keys attracted the attention of prestigious media such as The Economist and the BBC. And it is that, the cryptographic keys signed by Craig Wright seemed to be related to the Bitcoin blocks of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Subsequently, computer security experts dismantled these theses. The reason was that Craig Wright had used signatures used in bitcoin operations from 2009.

Although Wright claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin, he never presented reliable evidence. As a consequence, Wright is considered by many to be a liar.

A controversial reputation

Despite the lack of credibility in much of the public, Craig Wright has a small group of faithful followers who consider him the father of Bitcoin.

Thus, strong clashes took place due to the size of the block and Craig Wright dragged his followers towards Bitcoin Cash. This project consisted of creating a cryptocurrency with its particular chain of blocks. In this way, Bitcoin Cash landed on the market on August 1, 2017.

The arrival of Bitcoin Cash caused significant internal disputes. Wright wanted total control of the project, and investor Roger Ver was deeply suspicious of Wright.

The result of internal problems led to new splits. On the one hand, there was Bitcoin Cash ABC and on the other Bitcoin Cash SV. Trouble notwithstanding, Craig Wright had fulfilled his desire to take control of his own cryptocurrency.

Is Craig Wright a fraud?

The modifications that Craig Wright made to his personal blog led many to consider him a fraud. In this sense, the Australian computer scientist and businessman was discovered changing dates on jobs related to cryptocurrencies.

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Another aspect that works against Wright is that it was shown that he forged electronic signatures. To do this, Wright used a rudimentary method that allowed him to modify times and dates and date the electronic signatures to the year 2008.

Although initially he managed to convince the media, certain parts of electronic signatures cannot be modified. Thus, a computer scientist who called himself Milburn brought to light such a hoax.

The emails also helped expose Craig Wright. The Australian claimed to maintain contact with prominent personalities from the world of cryptocurrencies. But, the e-mails had been sent to domains that did not exist and presented evidence of having been manipulated.

Likewise, it is doubted that Craig Wright is someone with the necessary technical knowledge to coordinate Bitcoin. In fact, if someone intends to coordinate a cryptocurrency alone, it is necessary that he has extensive knowledge of economics, computer science, cryptography and game theory. For this reason, the most critical of Wright affirm that he does not have the necessary skills to be the founder of Bitcoin.

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