Cryptojacking – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Cryptojacking is all about mining cryptocurrency on devices where the owner is not aware of it.

In other words, it consists of stealing energy and resources in a hidden way from users for the crackers’ own benefit. A cracker is nothing more than a hacker, but who acts with bad intentions in front of other users.

In addition, cryptojacking has become one of the most profitable ways to infect devices, since they are usually very complicated software to identify and difficult to remove or delete from the device in question.

Characteristics of cryptojacking

Cryptojacking usually works as malicious software that is secretly installed on the device. In this way, it can operate and adapt according to the performance of the device.

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In other words, the traditional cycle in which a device is infected by malware is first by visiting or downloading data from disreputable websites. Then, this software infects the device or finds the most efficient and least conspicuous installation way.

From here, it begins to secretly mine crypto assets without the user’s knowledge or consent, so until the user notices certain abnormal patterns in the behavior of his device, he will not delete it except in cases of involuntary deletion, such as resets and reboot of original operating systems.

cryptojacking classes

Depending on where malware has its main focus of activity, cryptojacking will have three places where its infection stands out:

  • PC and mobile devices.
  • Wi-Fi routers and modems.
  • Servers and network system.

On the one hand, when this type of activity focuses on PCs and mobile devices, it usually does so in the browsers themselves, usually in the form of an extension to the browser itself.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi routers and modems are also a way to control a user’s ecosystem, since the infection would indirectly reach all the devices in the home or office.

Finally, the infection of servers and networks of the style is the most complicated way, but also the one that can give the most benefits.

If the devices are the basic units in terms of user infection, a router can monopolize from 2 to 10 devices and a server, hundreds or even thousands, since the server is always necessary for the interconnection between devices and access to pages Web.

Cryptojacking example

The most notorious case in the fight against cryptojacking was the operation led by Interpol which was carried out in Southeast Asia, in countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore, among others.

This operation began in 2019 and managed to reduce malicious actions of this style by 78%, in which said organization had to support more unprotected countries in this regard, such as Laos, Vietnam or Brunei.

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