Dark web – What is it, definition and concept

The dark web is that set of resources and data found in the digital environment of the Internet that do not appear in traditional search engines.

In other words, it is about all those connections, forums, websites and sites that can only be accessed through non-traditional ways. Therefore, search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo are useless.

Characteristics of the dark web

The dark web or deep internet is known for its potential use for criminal purposes, although this does not mean that everything that surrounds it is especially harmful to the user. Here are some of its main features:

  • Anonymous.
  • Opaque.
  • Not traceable.

Although the characteristics themselves are not directly negative, they are the perfect cocktail for those people, groups or initiatives that do not want to be detected. That is, for those individuals who want to be outside the reach of the law.

However, not everything found on the deep web has to be malicious or fraudulent. There are certain ‘.onion’ entries (it is the extension of certain deep webs) that favor the anonymity of the user in some aspects, such as virtual wallets and totally anonymous Internet searches.

This is really useful for those individuals whose freedom is curtailed, as can happen in some countries. The other side of the coin is when it is used for a malicious purpose.

How can you access the dark web?

The dark web can be accessed in an easier way than it is conceived, since by simply downloading a program you can access it without having to be a hacker or a computer expert.

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This aspect of the deep web makes it less accessible and easy to interact with. However, we must be aware as average users that this type of environment is not the most recommended for daily actions and tasks, we must be cautious.

Thus, the steps to access the deep internet would be the following:

1st. Download one of the deep web access search programs.

2nd. Configure the program and learn about its basic use.

3rd. Connect our device to the Internet and, therefore, to the ‘.onion’ or similar pages.

It should be noted that the websites that make up the deep web tend to have very basic structures and are not oriented to detail, that is, they are built with simple HTML so that the loads are as fast as possible.

And why do they need to be light? Because the search engines that have access to the dark web encrypt and randomly create the user’s path. This makes loading websites noticeably slower than normal.

Examples of dark web access programs

There are certain programs that facilitate the task of entering the so-called deep internet. Some of these programs are:

  • Thor: It is an engine that is based on multiple layers of security in the form of several random VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) one after the other so as not to leave a trace of the user’s trail.
  • ZeroNet: In this case it is also about the use of VPN. This particular engine is based on a P2P (Peer to Peer) system, which tries to interconnect users by decentralizing the use of servers.
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Although there are more engines through which the dark web can be accessed, those that specialize in P2P and multi-VPN systems are the most used.

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