DEGIRO – What it is, definition and concept | 2023

This broker was founded in 2013 and is based in the Netherlands. DEGIRO is a very popular market maker type broker. It has experienced rapid growth in Europe, reaching more than two million customers.

Through Degiro you can trade a wide variety of products such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, cryptocurrency trackers and commodities. All this in more than 50 markets around the world.

In addition, it allows you to invest from small amounts, since there is no minimum investment.

It also offers investment funds from many managers such as BNP Paribas, Blackrock and Goldman Sachs, among others.

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Their commissions are really competitive, in fact, one of their mottos is “Investing, within everyone’s reach.” For example, in the case of shares, this broker charges 1 euro per transaction for operations in Spanish, US and Canadian markets. Although they will also charge you a small cost for the exchange rate, connectivity, and of course, the spread.

Of course, it has a wonderful advantage for lovers of ETFs, and that is that they do not charge any commissions for some very specific ETFs. But there is fine print: if you carry out more than one operation per month, in order for it to continue to be free in the second contribution, you must invest more than €1,000.

It also stands out for the ease of use of its platform, being tremendously intuitive, something ideal when you are starting out in trading.

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An important point is that it is perfect for long-term investment strategies. Since, unlike some brokers, when you buy shares they are registered in your name and not in the name of the broker.

Other advantages are that you can operate with leverage, it does not require a minimum capital to open an account, it contemplates various types of orders (for example, limit, market, stop limit or StopLoss). In addition, it is regulated by the Authority of the Netherlands and the Spanish one, that is, CNMV.

On the side of the shadows, several aspects must be highlighted. The first is that it is not possible to trade some assets such as Forex, Cryptocurrencies or CFDs. And the second is that it does not have a demo account. If you are a new investor, you will have to learn to fly by taking a plane directly… no simulators.

DEGIRO features

In the following table we summarize all the characteristics of DEGIRO

minimum initial capital €0
Real time Yeah
Interface Very simple
Regulated by: CNMV (Spain) and AFM (Netherlands Supervisory Authority)
geographic market Spain (Continuous Market and MAB), Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Zurich, Oslo, Lisbon, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels, Austria and Dublin
United States (NYSE, NASDAQ and CME), Canada
Asia (Tokyo, Hong Kong and Australia)
Financial products Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income (Bonds), Futures, Options, Warrants
withdrawals €0
Commissions for operations in shares and ETFs
(more products below)
Spanish shares: €1
European shares: €3.9 + €1 (processing)
US shares: €1
ETFs: €1
Exchange rate commissions (Auto FX) 0.25%
Manual change €10.00 + 0.02%
Custody and maintenance fee €0
dividend commission €0
rate report Download complete rate report DEGIRO
Leverage Permitted
personalized attention On-line
Events and seminars No
market reports No

Advantages of DEGIRO

  • It offers a very wide variety of products and markets.
  • It is very easy to open an account at DEGIRO and does not require a minimum capital.
  • Low commissions for trading (1 euro in Spanish and American stocks and ETFs, without counting the spread commission, which is also very low).
  • It does not have a maintenance fee.
  • It has a simple and intuitive platform to operate.


  • It is not possible to operate with some assets, such as fixed income futures, CFDs, Forex and the catalog of investment funds is small
  • You do not have a demo account to test the platform.

In summary, DEGIRO is an online broker that allows you to invest in a large part of the financial assets on the market at a relatively low cost. If you are starting to invest, it will help you a lot to operate its simple and intuitive platform and you will avoid making certain mistakes. If you want to go deeper into the features of this broker, see the following link.

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