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The difference between advertising and promotion is fundamentally that promotion is the comprehensive marketing plan and advertising is a part of that plan. But, in addition, there are other differential elements that we will explain in this article.

When planning the process of promoting the company, decisions must be made about all the elements that make up the marketing mix. For that reason, when launching a promotion there are many decisions to be made. These decisions have to do with the type of product that is going to be offered to the market, as well as defining the price that this product will have, how the communication process and the distribution process will be carried out.

While, advertising is one of the ways that the company can use to carry out the communication process. Advertising is a promotional tool that makes use of the mass media to contact its target audience. The communication message can be to publicize goods, services, ideas and/or experiences to the target group. Therefore, advertising is one of the parts that form the process of promoting the company.

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Difference Between Promotion and Advertising

What are the main differences between promotion and advertising?

Among the main differences we can mention the following:

1. The weather

In the first place, we can mention as an important difference the time. This is a determining factor between promotion and advertising.

a. time in promotion

Without a doubt, a promotion must have a short and defined duration. The promotion hopes to obtain a short-term response from consumers. For example, if an increase in sales is expected in the following month, the results can be quickly evaluated.

b. time in advertising

Now, advertising has long planning and execution times. This, because the messages need to be very creative and efficient to arouse the interest of the target audience. Additionally, it is expected that the consumer’s response will not be immediate, but will be achieved in the medium and long term. In the case of advertising, for example, if the campaign is planned to position a brand, it takes a long time to reach the objective.

2. The objectives

Second, the objectives of promotion and advertising are completely different and respond to different needs of the company.

a. The objectives of the promotion

Of course, the objectives of the promotion are delimited and concrete. What the promotional process seeks is to achieve objectives that are very easy and simple to evaluate. The objectives of the promotion are very diverse and will depend on whether the promotion is aimed at the consumer or at the distributor.

For example, if the promotion is aimed at the consumer, some objectives may be:

  • Increase the percentage of sales of existing products.
  • Attract new consumers.
  • Facilitate the process of launching a product.
  • Increase sales in special or critical seasons.
  • Increase market share.
  • Achieve quick sales when the product is in decline stage.

On the other hand, if the promotion is focused on distributors, some examples of objectives will be the following:

  • Getting initial distribution of a product from a major distributor.
  • Increase the number of orders by existing distributors.
  • Expand the number of distributors.
  • Involve the distributor in promotions directed at the consumer.
  • Achieve greater rotation of products in distribution establishments.

b. The objectives of advertising

For its part, the objectives of advertising are basically to inform, persuade and remember. The objective of informing seeks that consumers know about the attributes, benefits, prices and places of distribution of the products that the company offers.

Naturally, persuasion seeks to convince consumers that the products offered by the company are better than those sold by the competition and choose them in their purchase process. Finally, recall expects brands and products to position themselves in the minds of consumers. In any case, the response of the target group will need adequate time to occur.

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final differences

Final Conclusions on the Difference Between Promotion and Advertising

To summarize, it can be said that there are three fundamental differences between promotion and advertising:

  • Promotion and advertising have different interests: The promotion hopes to achieve an immediate response from the consumer. Advertising expects to create brand image and positioning, so its response is long-term.
  • Both offer a different appeal: Promotion offers the consumer a rational appeal and advertising an emotional appeal.
  • Promotion and advertising add a different value: Promotion adds tangible value to the goods and services received by the consumer. For its part, advertising adds an intangible or emotional value to the goods and services offered.
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