Discover 6 application options for financial control

Have you ever thought about how an application for financial control can be useful to keep your accounts up to date, control your expenses and better understand your relationship with money? That’s because these features have several features for you to record, store and consult information about your finances.

Through these programs, you can check your expenses, track expenses by category, compare your financial behavior over the months, and much more.

With that in mind, Serasa prepared a list of six application options for financial control. Get to know each one of them and see which ones can be useful in your routine.

6 application options for financial control

Fortunately, there are several application options for financial control available on the market. For those who don’t have an affinity with spreadsheets or don’t want to register their accounts on paper, we’ve set out some alternatives:

1. Serasa
Serasa’s app is an interesting and complete option for those who want to control their finances. Inside it, the user has access to a digital wallet, which can be used to pay bills, make transfers and even recharge a cell phone.

In addition, you can also consult and negotiate debts on your behalf through Serasa Limpa Nome, simulate and contract loans and credit cards with Serasa eCred and check details about your credit score, the Serasa Score.

By accessing Serasa’s application, therefore, you will have more knowledge about your financial life and, if you are in the red, you can practically negotiate your debts, in up to three minutes. The tool is free and available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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2. Organize
Organizze is an especially interesting app for those who have more than one bank account. In it, it is possible to know the consolidated balance of all accounts simultaneously and check the amounts and categories of expenses and income in any period.

Another interesting point is that the user can record their expenses and earnings in categories and subcategories. Thus, it is much easier to understand how your budget has been working, types of expenses that can be cut or reduced and if there has been variation in your income over the months, for example.

The app is also free and available for download on Android and iOS devices.

3. Guiapocket
Guiabolso is one of the first finance applications on the market and also has the “Agenda” function, where the user includes their monthly earnings and expenses and can receive notifications on the due date of their accounts. Without a doubt, they are very interesting features for those who want to keep their accounts up to date and gather all the information they need in one place.

Remember that, in order to use Guiabolso, the user needs to inform his bank details. Then, the application connects to your account and, based on the transactions made in it, organizes graphics that help the user to understand their financial behavior.

The app is available for download from Google Play and the App Store and is free, but has some functionality restricted to subscribers.

4. My Savings
My Savings is another application for financial control free and very easy to use. The platform is very intuitive and brings interesting features.


With it, the user can follow the evolution of finances through graphics, include the monthly bills and their due dates, activate alerts on payment dates, set financial goals and monitor their monthly evolution.

Minhas Economia also displays the main news of the financial market, tests of investor profile and investment recommendation for each user, according to their moment of life and goals. The app is free and available for Android or iOS devices.
application for financial control

5. Wisecash
The Wisecash financial control app also has options that help the user to manage the budget more easily. The platform generates different graphs and reports that classify accounts by categories and allow the user to schedule one transaction per month.

Like Minhas Economia, Wisecash also allows you to set goals and offers suggestions to better control expenses and achieve the proposed objective. The app is not yet available for iOS devices, but it can be downloaded for free from Google Play for Android users.

6. Mobiles
Mobills is an application for financial control that brings most of the functionality offered by competitors, but still offers the option for the user to control the way in which information is displayed – on a light or dark screen.

The platform also allows the user to register one or more credit cards to monitor the evolution of bills and have more control over expenses. Like the others, Mobills offers the option to classify monthly expenses and sources of income, as well as define financial goals and register spending targets.

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An interesting point is that the user can make a backup of all data on the platform and automatically synchronize them in the cloud, to ensure more protection of information and availability to consult them whenever necessary.

After knowing so many options, which of these financial control apps do you want to choose? If you’re still in doubt, you can download and try them all for free. That way, it’s easier to know which one you identify with the most.

Now that you know the main finance apps, how about looking for more tips to take care of your budget? Access Serasa Teach and check out more content on financial education.

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