Discover 6 channels that provide financial education tips

On a daily basis, are you and your family looking for financial education tips? Undoubtedly, this is a very relevant topic and one that can help you gain more security and peace of mind in managing your budget.

The good news is that currently there is a lot of content available on the subject on the Internet, and in many different formats. For those who like videos, for example, there are a series of channels that explain personal finance concepts in a simple and practical way for you to apply in your routine without a headache. With that in mind, we’ve listed a few options you can start exploring. Read on!

How important are financial education tips?

As we have already mentioned, financial education is a very important topic, as it helps people to organize their accounts. With this planning, it is easier to plan the budget to make dreams come true or simply live with more peace of mind.

Until recently, this topic was considered taboo and often difficult to understand. But with the evolution of the Internet and the emergence of influencers who approach the subject in a didactic way, it became much easier to learn.

In fact, on the Internet you can find videos, rich materials and all kinds of content that meets the most diverse needs, regardless of your financial situation: you can learn to save smartly, make good investments and, above all, plan your budget in the best possible way. possible way to get where you want.

See how many benefits financial education can bring to your life? Get to know, now, some of the top names that bring the subject to millions of Internet users.

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Financial education tips: who are the main influencers on the topic?

Currently, there are several influencers who give tips on financial education and facilitate the public’s understanding of the topic. Learn more about the work of some of them:

1. Nath Finance

Influencer Nath Finance owns one of the main YouTube channels on financial education. Twice a week, she releases new content related to the topic, talking about investments, lifestyle, financial education tips, home economics and much more.

On social networks, the influencer produces content more often and brings more punctual and quick tips for those who want, for example, to get out of the red, start financial control, take the first steps to start investing, travel with little money, between others. For those who want to change their financial situation and need practical tips, it’s worth starting to follow Nath.

2. Nathalia Arcuri (Save Me)

Nathalia Arcuri is a journalist and has become one of the main references when it comes to financial education. She is also the author of the book “Me Spare! 10 steps to never run out of money in your pocket again”, with more than 500 thousand copies sold.

The influencer produces content for the Me Poupe! channel, which already has more than six million followers on YouTube. The page offers financial education tips for those looking to earn extra income, cut expenses and understand, in an uncomplicated way, what happens in the economy and in the financial market.

One of Arcuri’s great differentials is that the journalist works with an accessible and humorous language, which makes it easier to understand even complex topics.

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3. Financial Channel

The Financial Channel is created by journalist Nilce Moretto and economist Luiz Persechini and brings valuable investment and personal finance tips, always in a relaxed way.

New videos are published once a week, bringing important information about the economic scenario, investments and the domestic economy. It is worth checking.

4. Gabriela Mosmann

Gabriela Mendonça has a degree in Economics from UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) and is currently doing a Master’s Degree in Finance, also from the University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Today, she is among the main influencers of financial education and offers on her YouTube channel valuable tips to catch up on accounts and invest intelligently, according to your goals and profile.

Gabriela Mendonça’s channel – or Gabriela Mosmann, as it is presented on YouTube – is interesting for those seeking a more comprehensive view of the economy. That’s because, thanks to her training, the influencer always addresses pertinent topics about the current economic scenario and that can influence the choice of investments or even daily expenses.

5. Gustavo Cerbasi

Gustavo Cerbasi is one of the main references in financial education in the country. He holds a Masters in Finance, a degree in Public Administration from FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) and the author of 16 books. Among the most popular is the title “Smart Couples Get Rich Together”, which provides specific guidelines for those who wish to manage the budget for two. With over 1 million copies sold, the book was so successful that it gave rise to the movie “Until Luck Do Us Part”, starring Leandro Hassum.

On his YouTube channel, Cerbasi brings tips on financial education and investments, both for beginners and for those who want to take ownership of the topic to improve their choices. In addition, it also explains how to prepare for the future, achieve financial independence and retire with a better quality of life, for example.


And it doesn’t stop there: on Cerbasi’s social media and channel, you’ll also learn how to prepare for unforeseen events, optimize the management of corporate finances, for those who are developing, and much more.

6. Serasa teaches

Do you already know Serasa Teach? Serasa’s channel brings valuable tips on financial education both for those who need to put their accounts back on track and for those who want to stay informed about new developments in the economic scenario and better plan the use of money.

In addition, on the channel you will find many contents related to Serasa products to understand how they can help you improve your financial life: you can answer all your questions about Serasa Score, Serasa Limpa Nome, Serasa eCred, Serasa Digital Wallet , Serasa Premium and on the Positive Register.

But if you prefer to learn by reading, the Serasa Ensina blog is also an option. Want to stay on top of the main financial education tips? Keep following our contents!

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