Economipedia enters the world of streaming education with practical and entertaining content

Economipedia was born 10 years ago as a financial blog. We were a small blog but with a great purpose, to bring economic science and finance closer to all Spanish-speaking people.

And today, 10 years later, we have built an encyclopedia with more than 8,000 concepts and a community of 10 million users who visit us every month, reading our articles.

Still, we are not satisfied. Much more is still needed. That is why today I want to tell you about the great step we are taking. It is the biggest step in the history of Economipedia.

We enter the world of streaming education. It is one more step in search of our purpose.

I tell you.

Finances can seem foreign to all of us. However, they are part of our daily life. We firmly believe that financial knowledge improves people’s quality of life and contributes to their progress and prosperity.

People without financial knowledge face many obstacles, such as not making ends meet, not being able to save, not knowing how to invest their savings correctly, losing purchasing power, making banks richer at their expense, and not have the security of a good retirement in the future.

On the other hand, if you are a person with financial knowledge:

  • You spend on what you want, since you have your finances under control. You spend better.
  • You save every month without headaches and automatically.
  • You invest your savings and get good returns with controlled risks and according to your profile.
  • With your investments you earn, not the banks or the politicians.
  • You increase your assets and your purchasing power year after year, increasing your decision-making power and your financial freedom.
  • You have a plan for your retirement, without depending on the interests and whims of the politician on duty.
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Unfortunately, the educational system teaches practically nothing on these subjects. You have to look for life, and today it is easier than ever thanks to the internet. But that also means that there is a lot of poor quality content, after all, anyone can publish almost anything they want on the Internet.

At Economipedia we believe in the importance of quality content

And that is why our purpose today transcends and goes beyond. We want anyone to be able to educate themselves to promote their progress. And for that we want to make the best learning platform on the stock market, investment and finance in Spanish.

We want to provide the necessary tools so that anyone can function in the world we live in, whatever route they choose.

Education plays a fundamental role in our community. It can change, improve, transform and innovate the foundations of society. Education is an engine of change. It is the engine for the development of people.

In the 21st century, education has to advance. It has to be useful and entertaining. And it also has to be personalized.

At Economipedia we want to help you go one step further. For this, we have launched a new section:

The Campus is the place where you can boost your financial knowledge from scratch, in a simple and entertaining way.

And what does the Campus include?

Video courses from expert teachers. Each course has 10 episodes of about 10 minutes each. And each course has a practical objective, we seek to make it clear and entertaining.

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At launch we have uploaded 4 courses and will upload 2 more over the next few weeks. From there, every month we will publish 3 new courses.

In addition to the courses, we will publish weekly masterclasses in which we will deal with specific topics that will help you continue learning about investments and finances. And we will also do live classes to explain specific topics and answer questions from students.

As a Campus student you will have access to a private forum where you can ask anything you need. And you can also ask the help desk with personal savings and investment questions, where our professionals will help you solve them.

And there is something else we want to tell you…

This big step we are taking has transpired throughout the company. That is why we have changed our image to represent the new challenge.

We retain our DNA of simple and rigorous education. But we have taken a step forward, refreshing our image, so that it is in tune with the moment of innovation that we are experiencing, respecting our philosophy and values.

We are now a streaming education platform. An audiovisual, digital and personalized education platform. We want to innovate the world of education and that is why the first step is to renew our image, changing our logo.

Learning and acquiring knowledge gives you security, opens your mind, activates your imagination and creativity. Educating yourself gives you wisdom. You grow as a person and as a professional, it allows you to make decisions with confidence. Learning makes us brave. Learning is wealth.

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If you believe that financial knowledge is key to society, join the change. Join the Economipedia Campus:

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