Ergonomics at work: how to maintain a healthy posture

Ergonomics at work is something very important for all people who work. Its objective is to make the physical conditions of work as favorable as possible for the worker’s health in the long term. It is mainly applied in jobs in which the same posture is maintained for long periods of time.

Having a job with adequate conditions will allow the employee to reduce the discomfort and problems caused by not having a good body posture. A very common example of this type of problem is back pain.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to work on postural hygiene from a very young age, since it will determine the rest of a person’s life.

Why is ergonomics important at work?

Although there are still and will continue to be a multitude of eminently physical jobs, office work in front of a computer is increasingly playing a leading role.

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The posture you adopt may not be very important when you sit down for 10 minutes to have a coffee. However, if those 10 minutes turn into 20, 30 or 40 hours a week, poor posture or inappropriate furniture have consequences on health. In some cases, they can become serious problems over time.

There are experts in office furniture who can help you select the items for your workplace that best suit your characteristics. Perhaps you need a table that can be adjusted in height or a footrest that makes you maintain better leg posture.

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These specialists know that taking care of ergonomics at work is not only a matter of health, the most important thing, but also has a great impact on the employee’s spirits and their ability to perform. Therefore, it is important that you choose your provider very well. A company that offers this type of service is Tecno-Oficinas.

Inadequate postures for a long time increase the chances of suffering diseases and ailmentsin addition to cardiovascular and digestive problems derived from the lack of mobility.

The benefits of a healthy posture at work

Maintaining a healthy posture in the workplace provides important benefits:

  • Increase energy. By not making the muscles work more than necessary in inappropriate postures, a muscle unloading effect is achieved that has a very positive effect on energy levels.
  • Reduce stress. Reducing muscle tension also leads to a reduction in mental and emotional tension. That is, cortisol levels drop, oxygenation increases and the feeling of stress decreases.
  • Prevents spinal problems. These are unfortunately very common among people with office jobs and it is very important to prevent them in order to enjoy a good quality of life.
  • improves breathing. A hunched posture makes it difficult to breathe, which can improve by up to 30% when adopting an upright and healthy one.
  • Increase confidence. A shrunken or slouched posture unconsciously stimulates negative feelings of doubt and fear, while a slouched posture pushes us toward greater confidence and self-esteem.
  • Higher productivity. It is not hard to imagine why all the above points lead to the worker, in better condition, producing more and better.
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Tips for maintaining a healthy posture at work

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, since we adopt our body posture unconsciously. Here are some points to focus on:

  • Keep your spine straight and on the back.
  • The feet must be supported, on the floor or the footrest, at a right angle or slightly upwards.
  • Head raised, chin parallel to the ground.
  • Knees at right angles, at least as high as or above the pelvis.
  • Arms and elbows supported at right angles, on the table.

3 ergonomic accessories to improve posture

A ergonomic chair It should have a backrest that reaches at least halfway down the back, offering good lumbar support. Armrests are also necessary and the height of the chair must be adjustable.

A ergonomic footrest it is also necessary as well as a height-adjustable chair: without it, in many cases it would not be possible to maintain the recommended knee, elbow and head angles.

A good laptop stand it is the last angular piece in the triangle formed by chair, footrest and screen. Playing with the height of this, a more appropriate inclination is given to the head and arms. Having the screen at eye level so you don’t have to keep your neck bent for a long time will make you maintain a much better posture.

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