European Automobile Commissioner (CEA)

The European Automobile Commissariat (CEA) is a European body, based in Spain, created to protect, advise and defend motorists. That is, to drivers who own or use a car.

The European Automobile Commissariat, known by its acronym CEA, is a European body, based in Spain, which was created in 1966. This body was created with the aim of offering protection, advice and defense to what they call “motorist”, who they become the drivers.

Therefore, we are talking about a private association, established in Madrid as a public limited company. However, it has a foundation (CEA Foundation) that carries out social and philanthropic work.

Among the services offered by this club, is the defense of drivers against possible sanctions, fines, as well as other events derived from the use of the car and that require legal advice. In the same way, it has an insurance brokerage, a travel agency, as well as numerous lines of business related to the automotive world.

Origin and history of the European Automobile Commission (CEA)

The European Automobile Commissariat was born as such in 1966. Now, we are talking about a club that was born from the merger of two other Spanish clubs that were formed before the one that concerns us today. In this sense, we refer to the 600 Club, established in 1958, and the Auto Club Turístico, established shortly after seeing the success of its predecessor.

Thus, in 1966 the CEA was born. This, implementing among its range of services all those already offered by the 600 Club, as well as the Auto Club Turístico. However, the CEA incorporates new services to complete its offer even more.

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Today, CEA is a club based in Madrid. But, in addition, it has already expanded to other Latin American territories, such as Chile. In the same way, we are talking about a club that has a foundation for the development of social initiatives. Among which we can highlight the promotion of education and road safety. And all this, while continuing to expand its offer to cover more business lines related to this sector.

What services does the European Automobile Commission (CEA) offer and what tasks does it carry out?

Among the services offered by the European Automobile Commission (CEA), we must highlight the following:

  • CEA Foundation: Since this foundation, the club carries out social action. In other words, it is in charge of promoting education and road safety, among many other initiatives of this type.
  • Promotion, dissemination and consulting on road safety: The CEA has the corresponding certifications for the promotion, dissemination and offer of consultancy that the CEA carries out in relation to this issue.
  • Defense and legal advice: Whether they give us an undue fine, or if we have to carry out a legal consultation, the CEA has lawyers who can help you.
  • Processing and management of fines: The CEA has a portal that allows the management and processing of fines, while allowing the consultation of points or sanctions, among others.
  • Insurance for the car: CEA has an insurance brokerage that allows members to purchase auto insurance at discounts.
  • Promotion and dissemination of tourism, gastronomy and leisure: The CEA, for its members, organizes activities, while offering numerous services related to travel and tourist breaks.
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