Evolution of discount coupons

Perhaps there are many people who do not trust the discount coupons that we can find anywhere today. However, when reality is analyzed, we can see that it is becoming easier to get hold of one of them when buying a certain product, allowing the buyer to save money.

Discount coupons have undergone a very important transformation process. Formerly they were delivered on paper and today most of them are completely digital. We can find numerous examples of digital discount coupons, such as the case of the Peru Online Casino.

The increase in the use of discount coupons was immediately evident thanks to reality programs or “reality shows” on television. They showed that in large purchases made by the “coupon maniacs”, it was possible to save up to 95% of the bill.

The fact of the matter is that discount coupons are plentiful for luxury products, but not for essentials. Some of these essential products are cleaning or hygiene products, which are part of the basic consumption demand of a family.

However, when it comes to food, the discounts are essentially on unhealthy food, junk food or deep-frozen food that does not provide nutrients.

Another element that works against coupons is the incitement to excessive consumption and accumulation, especially of unnecessary products. Consumerism is a problem that some people suffer from and that has very negative consequences on their financial health.

Online discount coupons

In the digital world, everything is reproduced as if it were a mirror of the physical world. For example, coupons are becoming more and more popular in the metaverse.

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Although it is true, the offers are doubled in physical stores when the discount of the product is added to the discount offered by the establishment, which could lead to products completely free. Well, in the digital world, the offers will triple and, in addition, they change at a faster rate.

This is one more advantage for those who are constantly eager for discounts, offers, raffles and promotions that make it easier for them to buy products at a lower price.

Added to this is the warning that online discounts are a real hook to retain the audience, attract visitors and accumulate clicks.

And for more joy, there are portals that offer daily offers, which are specialized in advertisements and mainly consider that the result of an offer does not depend on the number of people who benefited from the discount, but on how many people found out about the offer.

How do discount coupon portals work?

Perhaps the greatest authority on this subject is Mark Pearson, who went from sleeping in a shelter with his family when he was 9 years old, to being the creator of My Voucher Codes, the most popular discount website in the United Kingdom.

Today there are many discount websites, most with open subscriptions that have a captive audience to whom they send the daily newsletters with the available offers.

Many of these offers are georeferential, that is, they are sent to people who are located a few streets away from the place of the promotion.

The idea is to promote the purchase of a series of products that people generally do not need. This is achieved by giving a discount that makes the consumer see that he has an opportunity that he cannot miss.

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On the other hand, there is the system of “collective purchasing power”. It is applied in most of the discount portals, this means that the offers will only be valid if a certain number of buyers are covered. In the case of obtaining it, the discount is applied directly from the balance of the bank account.

On this side of the map is Groupon, an American e-commerce site that links merchants with subscribers to take advantage of offers on products, services, travel and activities, and that applies the “programmed buying power”.

This company was born in Chicago in 2008, and later came to Boston, New York and Toronto. Today it is in 15 countries, with an operating model as a guarantee contract, so that if a certain number of customers sign up for the offer, the discount becomes effective for all.

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