Experience of student internship in financial consulting

Ever since I made the decision to attend a technical college (FOS), I wanted to do an internship with a financial advisor or insurance advisor. I searched for a suitable company for a long time, until I came across the FINANCEDOOR GmbH website met. I read the page carefully and it was immediately clear to me that I wanted mine here annual Student internship in financial advice do. So I wrote an application to the company in the hope of getting a job. Due to COVID-19, however, it was difficult to find a suitable internship. Many companies do not want to hire interns because the risk is simply too high. Nevertheless, I tried my luck at FINANCEDOOR.

My application for an internship

A few days passed and the manager actually called me, he wanted to find out more about me and the internship. After a long exchange, he decided to hold a video conference in a few days to tell me more about his company and the tasks that await me there. Immediately it occurred to me that the managing director in the person of Mr. Perko is a very friendly person, which was only confirmed once more during the video conference. After talking for a long time and writing e-mails, he invited me to a personal conversation to really be sure that I am suitable enough. Finally he finally gave it to me I accept my one-year internship at school to be able to complete with him from Monday to Wednesday. It would start from 08/01/2021 until 07/22/2022.

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Expectations for my student internship in financial consulting

From my internship at FINANCEDOOR GmbH, I hoped that I would gain experience in the area of ​​customer advice and support, insurance and finance, and at the same time get to know this great area of ​​how and where you can best invest your money. the Asset advice and that has always interested me.

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My internship company

FINANCEDOOR GmbH is a small company that can be found in Frankfurt am Main in the Bockenheim district.

The atmosphere in the office was very pleasant from the start.

Student intern LEA

After a warm welcome, I was shown the office on the first day and the various tasks explained. In the course of my internship, I was given more and more responsibilities and tasks. My boss, Mr Perko, is always very open-minded and helpful, so I can always ask if something is unclear.

Tasks of my student internship

My tasks are very diverse: taking calls from customers, creating new customers and creating data maintenance for business transactions in the in-house customer relationship management system (CRM system), being present at customer discussions or financial consultations to see how such discussions are going, Watch info videos to get more knowledge about the world of finance and insurance and an insight into the Training as a businessman / woman for insurance and finance (focus on financial advice) to get. Reading newspapers and magazines about finance is just as much a part of my job as editing or correcting data. The working hours as well as the breaks are very flexible and different, which is very varied. Overall, flexibility in terms of time is very important in this job, as meetings can take place at very different times. Since the office is located directly on a shopping street, Leipzigerstraße in Bockenheim, you can do your shopping very well during your break, as well as get something to eat from various restaurants, supermarkets and bakers.


Current status

So far (after about 6 weeks) I can say that I am very satisfied with the internship and it was a very good decision to do it here at FINANCEDOOR GmbH. My expectations have been met almost completely up to now and I have experienced and learned a lot from the beginning up to now. Even if the drive from my home to Frankfurt am Main is complex and very long, it is definitely worth taking the long journey Monday to Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks and months of my internship in financial consulting. I’ll keep you informed. LG, Lea.

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