Federal Communications Commission | 2022

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC by its name in English (Federal Communications Commission) is a federal entity in the United States that deals with regulations on national and international telecommunications, which includes the media.

Emerged in 1934, under the Communications Act, it is directed by five commissioners appointed by the US president who can remain in office for a maximum period of five years.

It not only has jurisdiction over licenses for telephone, satellite, wireless, television and radio communications. It is also responsible for regulating electromagnetic emissions from consumer electronic devices.

What are the goals of the Federal Communications Commission?

First of all, the FCC or Federal Communications Commission aims to work for a competitive and innovative communications sector. For this, the FCC is responsible for the application of all the regulations related to telecommunications, as well as assuming supervisory tasks.

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It not only deals with competitiveness and innovation, but also aims to respect media ownership and freedom of information.

Now, this freedom of communication must be compatible with national security. Therefore, it is essential that, in the event of interruptions, you ensure that communications can be recovered as soon as possible.

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Internal organization

The Federal Communications Commission dates back to 1934. As a federal agency, it answers directly to the United States Congress for all matters related to national and international communications.

At the head of it, there will be five commissioners, appointed by the president and ratified by the Senate. To be a commissioner, it is essential not to develop any type of business activity linked to the world of telecommunications. From among these commissioners, the President of the United States will choose one as Chairman.

In order to guarantee impartiality, it is established that, of the five commissioners, there cannot be more than three belonging to the same political party.

Among the different departments that make up the FCC we find the following:

  • Office of Government and Consumer Affairs: Addresses claims and queries raised by consumers. Likewise, it coordinates with the different state and local authorities.
  • Office of Enforcement of Standards: It monitors compliance with communications laws, as well as being responsible for communications security and promoting competition.
  • Media Office: It deals with licenses to the American radio, television and satellite communication media.
  • Wireless Communications Office: Deals with the regulation of wireless communications in the United States and everything related to licenses.
  • Office for Public Safety and Homeland Security: Its purpose is to guarantee communications in situations of national emergency.
  • Office for Competition in Fixed Telephony: It deals with everything related to fixed telephony development policies and advanced communications.
  • International Office: It is responsible for telecommunications in the United States at the international level, for which it is in charge of defending the country’s interests in that area.
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