Find out which banks offer credits with lower rates

To obtain a loan or credit that suits you, it is important that you compare the interest rates of the different banks well. And, not all of them offer the same rate. In this publication we tell you which are the financial institutions that offer credits with lower rates.

5 financial entities that offer the lowest interest rate in Peru

lower interest banks

Before moving on to the top 5, it is important to mention that it is the annual interest rate (TEA). This refers to the first cost that a loan has according to the amount of money that the financial institution will lend. Although this percentage is important, what we must consider when comparing interest rates is the TCEA, since it includes the TEA, commissions and expenses. For this top5 we take into account the lowest interest rates for credit cards:

  1. Bank of Commerce

The bank’s annual rate is less than 30%.

  1. BanBif

The bank’s annual interest rate is 30%:

  1. Scotiabank

It has an annual interest rate of 33.01%.

  1. GNB Bank

Its annual rate is 36.37%

  1. Pichincha Bank

The annual rate of this bank is 36.49%

Is the bank rate the same for everyone?

Although now you know which banks offer the lowest interest rates, you should not trust that this will be the rate they will offer you. To offer you the aforementioned interest rates, banks will evaluate your credit rating. In that sense, if you have a written off debt in Infocorp or you find yourself on the black list of this entity, we recommend you solve your situation before requesting a new financial service.

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To regularize your situation, we recommend alDía debt settlement plans: we have a Pool if you have the total amount to pay; and My Board if you still need time to collect the total. In both plans, you have the specialized advice of the AlDía team.

On the other hand, if you had a bad credit rating and have already canceled your debt, we recommend the Reinserta plan that will allow you to once again be an attractive candidate for financial institutions. The program consists of having a liquid guarantee that guarantees the request for a new loan (for which you will need to open a fixed-term fund with the help of our advisors). This fund will allow you to reinsert yourself into the financial system from the application of a new loan whose installments you must meet on time.

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