Garamendi asks the Government for seriousness in the labor reform and contributions | Fortune

Legal security, regulatory stability and quality of the legal standard. These are the three requirements that Antonio Garamendi, CEOE president, demands of the Government. He did it this Thursday at the XX CEDE Board of Directors Congress that is held in Córdoba, he demands the Government, with which he was very critical about the negotiation process of the labor reform and the rise in social contributions. “We want to know what to do, we want to see the complete map, given that the prices are 30%, the highest in Europe, not only 0.5%,” said the president of the employer, in a meeting with the press, in which he also invited the Toledo Pact to speak out on the issue of pensions. “We have always worked seriously on the 12 agreements that we have signed. The leaking of papers, the media noise does not help.”

Regarding the labor reform, he insisted that the labor reform that the Government intends is not the one that Europe is asking for, and he invited the parties to “work on an agreement on the objectives of Europe.” In this sense, he pointed out that it is important “not to combine temporality with precariousness”, and to see what is done with the high youth unemployment, “which worries us.”

The president of the employer’s association sent a message to the Government on the temporality: “In the private company it is 22% while the public temporality is 32%”. At the same time that he referred to the agreed teleworking law, “it would be necessary to see if public officials are treated like private employees.”

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Garamendi also emphasized the good image that Spain has, “better outside than inside.” And he pointed out, during the round table he held with the president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Bonet, that the European recovery funds must be accompanied by the reforms that Europe wants, “because the reforms are as important as the funds ”. And he warned about the importance of public tenders attended by SMEs, since, in his opinion, it must be linked to social responsibility and go hand in hand with large companies. “Training is very important. If we give each SME 30,000 euros, we spend 60,000 million euros, and it is useless, but is accompanied by the driving companies.”

For his part, José Luis Bonet called for a State Pact for training to address the shortage of talent that exists in Spain. “We must promote training in values ​​for citizenship, as well as digital skills and languages.” On this issue, Garamendi also elaborated, who defends the need to encourage professions in many sectors, since there is “a lack of engineers, there is a lack of civilians, electricians, electrical installers, plumbers, professionals in the naval sector, and the problem is one of aptitude, but also of attitude”.

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