Geolocated packages: an incentive to buy online

Online shopping is an increasingly widespread practice around the world. However, there are customers who continue to distrust this channel. For this reason, online monitoring was born, a tool to end these fears.

More and more consumers are shopping online. Based on the reports published by the main consultancies, there are more and more citizens who use this channel to consume, so the logistics sector has had to prepare to offer a reliable and safe service, which allows this that we comment to continue being So.

And, as we know, for those of us who love online shopping, among other things, it is very important to be sure that our order will arrive directly from the seller’s hands to ours. Well, as we have seen in the press, there are certain cases in which scammers use some tricks to make us believe that our mission has been lost.

Hence the importance of these companies adapting to this new format, as well as knowing how the tracking and tracing systems that we find on the market today work. That is, very reliable technological tools that, for example, will allow us to know the exact location of an order at a certain time, giving us greater security and confidence.

The importance of knowing where your order is at all times: the GLS example

Although it may be scary to buy online, we must know that we are talking about a practice that comes with great advantages. In the first place, we could talk about systems such as gls tracking, launched by the transport company GLS, which allows us to know, through Ordertracker, where exactly our article is.

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This is much easier, right?

In addition, this new tool, as the company shows, is available 24 hours a day, as it was designed to end those mental limitations that lead us not to decide on this channel, as well as to make life much easier, without giving options to these shipping scammers.

Just with the tracking number, you can locate the route that takes your order at all times. All you have to do is enter it in the tracking section found on the Ondertraker website and, in a matter of seconds, we will receive all the information related to our order.

In short, we are talking about a system that provides that peace of mind that the client needs, and that we can and must use so as not to lose sight of our order.

No matter where in the world you are

But in addition to the advantages discussed in the previous section, it must be said that we are talking about a system that, in practice, finds few limitations.

Among those that have already been circumvented, we can say that borders are no longer an impediment to this system.

Once we have decided to buy a product and, therefore, contract a shipment, the sender of the same will provide us with a tracking number. With this number, we would already have everything we need to later know everything about our package, as well as its arrival and departure time. And best of all, we can use it in any location, wherever the package is.

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In other words, this system we are talking about does not find limitations to track packages. We can enter national and international package codes and in both cases we will have a successful location in record time, just a couple of clicks will be enough and that’s it.

In addition, by the way, most of the follow-ups that are done under this platform arrive at their destination in 24 hours, or a little longer if they are destined for Europe.

Because Ondertracker works with orders from any online store, you don’t have to worry about buying only from specific locations. Well, either way, whatever you decide to send will be protected.

Advantages of using a tracking service

That electronic systems are optimized to make customers’ lives much smoother is great news.

Long ago, without a tracking system it was impossible to know for sure where an item was, and worse still, not be sure that it would reach its destination. Fortunately, today technology is on our side and available to everyone, with just an alphanumeric code, you can get immediate results.

In reality, Ondertracker is a platform in which different codes can be tracked, regardless of where they come from, the purpose is to provide an optimal door-to-door parcel delivery service, and that, during the process, people can do follow-up on it from your place of departure.

Being able to go the route of a packet has made e-commerce trusted by far more people, while also preventing people from becoming victims of phishing.

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