Google Ads Agency: How to find the right provider?

Search engine optimization is very important and we have talked about it in other articles. However, we have not talked about SEM positioning and how a Google Ads Agency works. In this article, I will tell you why it interests you.

SEO positioning helps us to be visible to search engines. That is, it helps us so that when someone searches for something on Google, we come up with that query.

For example, if someone wants to buy a Nike shoe, thanks to SEO, we will be able to get among the first search results. And what do we want that for? To drive traffic from potential customers who can purchase our products and ultimately increase our sales.

So far we have it clear. However, it is not the only way we can be visible. You may have noticed that when you ask Google certain questions, the first search results that come out are ads, does that sound familiar?

This is what is called SEM positioning and that’s what agencies like Eskimoz take care of. Don’t go, this interests you. I keep telling you how it works.

How does Google Ads work?

There is a certain view that SEO, which is natural positioning, is free. But it’s not like that. I insist, it is not like that. SEO takes time, it needs dedication and professionals who dedicate themselves to it.

In fact, the main problem is that it is slow. For example, I can create an online business today and until it starts to appear in the first search results and that attracts a lot of traffic to my website, it may take several months.

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Can you last for several months with zero sales? I do not believe it. Or, at least, it is clear that it is not the best option.

Therefore, it is advisable, in the meantime, to invest in advertising. Advertising in search engines, on social networks or through other mechanisms.

What we are talking about now is advertising on Google.

But does Google Ads work like a billboard?

Now that it is clear that no matter how good SEO you have, it is advisable to invest in search engine advertising as well, I want to tell you something: advertising on Google does not work exactly like an advertisement on the billboard in your town.

Google Ads is an auction. That is, companies that want to advertise make an offer in exchange for visits. And, the more I pay, the better I will come out in the results? No. That is one of the big differences with traditional advertising.

Google values ​​the quality of the ad, so it selects offers that are really valuable to people. Therefore, you must also work on your ads and offer quality to your customers. Otherwise, sooner or later Google will lower your rankings. Yes, even if you are the one who pays the most.

But this is only the beginning. It is not difficult, but we cannot say that it is something simple. The best thing on these occasions is to hire experts at a good price who will help you precisely and give you a solution adapted to you.

And how can you find these experts? Searching in Google: AdWords Agencies, SEM Agencies or Google Ads Agencies.

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