Graphic design – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

Graphic design is a communication process and a technical activity that consists of transmitting creative messages through the use of images.

In other words, it is the creative way of conveying a communication message to the receiver through images. Graphic design is considered an artistic discipline since it uses technique, imagination and creativity as fundamental elements to achieve greater effectiveness.

In effect, graphic design is about converting marketing goals and purposes into shapes and images. For that reason, graphic design allows visual messages to be produced in print or digital form. Thus, they can be used statically or dynamically. But, always look for the message to be presented clearly and to be effective.

Naturally, graphic design is a fundamental part of the marketing and advertising strategies of any company. This, because it allows the creation of the brand identity through the visual message, especially for the creation of the logo, the typography and the slogan of the brand.

Important elements to understand graphic design

Without a doubt, graphic design has changed a lot because initially everything was done manually. Currently, with the evolution of computers, people who are dedicated to this profession can be helped by different computer programs. These allow them to use a number of technical procedures analogically and digitally.

However, despite its level of progress, it is necessary to consider some basic elements that are used, such as the following:

  • Point: A point is the smallest part at the time of drawing a line. The use of the dot indicates position. A point has no characteristics of width and neither of length. Now, it is a very important element in graphic design because everything is made up of points.
  • Line: The line is used to connect two points in space. In addition, it is used to create movement and direction. It is the key element for the creation of the sketch.
  • Contour: It is the line or set of lines that limit a figure. Allows you to limit the bounded and infinity zones.
  • Dimension: It represents movement in space. The line can be moved between three directions. These movements can be: right-left, up-down and back-forward.
  • sketch: The sketch is the scheme that contains the main and general lines of the design.
  • Adobe CreativeSuite.
  • Photoshop.
  • FreeHand.
  • Flash.
  • Corel Corporation.
  • PicMonkey.
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Graphic design
Important elements to understand

Benefits of using graphic design

The main benefits of using graphic design are:

  • It allows to create and position the brand: Graphic design offers the possibility of visually projecting the values ​​and personality that identify the brand.
  • Project unit: Through graphic design, the style and visual image of the company are maintained within the same unit.
  • achieve notoriety: The proper use of graphic design becomes an important channel of communication between the company and the target group, capturing the attention of consumers using graphic elements that shape the message and make it understandable for its recipients.

Applications of graphic design within marketing

Graphic design is applied within marketing to:

1. Create the company logo and brand positioning

First of all, it is used to communicate the identity of the brand. For this reason, the colors and the general design of the logo are chosen so that it adapts to the values, objectives and vision that identify the company. The logo is the basis of marketing communication.

2. Design the website

Second, it is necessary for the company to have a website in order to survive in the digital age. The design of the website must be impressive so that it positively influences the Internet users and generates enough prospects of potential clients. The site must be attractive, creative and highly functional to enhance the visitor experience.

3. Create memorable products

Third, it can also help create memorable products. These products are combined with visually appealing details that set them apart from the competition and arouse emotions. The details can be colors, packaging or any tool that is attractive.

4. Manage networks

Finally, design is used in network management, since these contain a very important visual component and because they have millions of users who come into contact with brands. The ideal is to captivate the user in a short time and generate positive feelings towards the brand. For this you can use infographics, gifs, photography and images in general that reflect the identity of the brand.

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Graphic design

To conclude, we can say that graphic design’s main goal is to capture through images the messages that the company wants to convey to its target audience. For that reason it is used in marketing strategies by converting marketing objectives and purposes into creative and effective forms and images. In a few words, it is to transmit ideas through images.

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