Hacker – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

A hacker is a person specialized in the use of languages ​​and techniques at a technological level, mostly focused on those related to the Internet and network systems.

That is to say, this type of professionals in their sector are usually people with very deep knowledge, which do not have to be acquired academically, but self-taught learning proliferates quite abundantly.

This fact means that regulated training and, in general, the people who watch over our digital security, often go to the slipstream of malicious hackers, called ‘crackers’.

Characteristics and types of hackers

Frequently, a hacker is usually associated with a criminal and, at least at a semantic level (that is, its meaning), this is not the case. As we have mentioned before, a hacker is an expert in certain types of technologies.

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These specialists or experts can use their great knowledge and skills for different purposes, from looking for bugs in order to improve the cybersecurity of a company with a digital presence, to being part of the intelligence department of any country.

In other words, just as there are private security professionals and police officers, there are also people who commit crimes on the opposite side.

On the other hand, there are also hackers who are dedicated to activism. Its maximum expression occurs in the so-called free software, which is nothing more than free-use software with open source, such as the Open Office or Mozilla Firefox tools.

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Then, in short, the different types of hackers could be broken down as follows:

  • Professionals in the private sector.
  • Collaborators and/or members of the security forces and bodies.
  • Hacker oriented to non-profit activities.
  • Hackers who use their knowledge and skills for their own benefit and to the detriment of others (crackers).

Finally, it should be noted that this classification is eminently general and that it is easy for subtypes to occur and even for the same hacker to take on several of these roles at the same time.

Example of best known hackers

As far as the hacking sector is concerned, there are several personalities who have become known for their skills, each one having their own story:

  • kim dotcom. This character was the owner of the world’s largest website for illegal downloads, being a reference for piracy in the audiovisual sector at that time: Megaupload. Therefore, he could presumably be classified as a cracker.
  • Chema Alonso. This Spanish hacker is a member of Telefónica’s cybersecurity department. He has been named and awarded on several occasions, as a result of his social and professional work. One of the best known campaigns that he carried out was to correct the definition of hacker in the RAE, being at that time ‘synonymous with computer hacker’. He managed to distinguish between a hacker and a cracker.
  • anonymous. Although it does not consist of a single individual or person, it is also important to know that there are groups of hackers or crackers, organized or not. In this case, Anonymous is made up of an indefinite group of people with no apparent organization or hierarchy, simply being a flow of hackers or crackers, who have the same ambition or goal.
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One of the most notorious cases was the operation that was carried out between 2010 and 2011, being a revenge campaign in favor of Julian Assange, creator of the WikiLeaks website, which is supposedly dedicated to filtering and disseminating documents and secrets of state. to reinforce the freedom and transparency that institutions demand with citizens.

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