Herd behavior – What is it, definition and concept | 2022

The gregarious behavior is that which an individual carries out with the intention of joining or joining certain groups with values ​​and characteristics similar to theirs. Animals and people often have this behavior, as it is important for the survival of living things.

Herd behavior is something characteristic that manifests itself in people. These tend to come together in groups and communities, thus sharing similar values ​​and promoting the achievement of common goals.

This behavior has its origin in biology, it began by studying the behavior of animals, since they also tend to herd. The biologist William Hamilton was a very prominent figure in the research carried out in this area, since he published various studies based on social behavior.

Subsequently, other areas such as psychology echoed this type of behavior and delved into it through specific studies.

Human behavior is highly studied when it comes to the field of psychology.

Belonging to groups is something habitual in the human being, this being, in most cases, the norm that prevails.

What are the characteristics of gregarious behavior?

These are the main features:

  • It is a behavior that promotes survival. It was already manifested in animals in the first instance when this concept was studied and it has been seen that it results in a similar way in humans.
  • An individual is integrated into a group and gets involved by relating to the rest of the people who make it up. A relationship and social interaction is produced to obtain greater support and security.
  • It is not a behavior to use, but it has the objective of obtaining its own benefit when it is implemented.
  • Typically, people live in community and not in isolation. The latter is something purely exceptional. For this reason, it is a usual behavior in humans and some animals.
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This concept has been extensively studied in the field of social psychology. For example, this behavior offers more security to the individual. Belonging to a community or a certain group can be favorable to feel more supported in certain aspects.

The gregarious behavior is extensible to all kinds of ages. For example, some adults have formed a group where they share their cinematographic tastes, opinions and values ​​about the Seventh Art.

We can also talk about gregarious behavior in adolescence, when groups are formed in which the members support each other and share similar tastes.

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