How can you save 483 euros on your income tax return?

About 6 million Spanish taxpayers confirm the draft of the income without applying the deductions. In this article we explain how it is possible to save an average of 483 euros on the return.

Since last April 7, the draft of the 2020 Income is available. One year, let it be said, that it will be complicated especially for those workers who have been affected by ERTE. And it is that, many of the people who before were not obliged to present the income statement, now they are. But, what does it depend on being obliged or not? We will tell you about it in this article.

How can I know if I am obliged to make the declaration?

According to the laws that govern tax operation in Spain, the threshold for the declaration of income to be mandatory is 14,000 per year in the case of having two or more payers, while it is 22,000 euros per year if there is only one payor ( provided that the amount received by the second payer exceeds 1,500 euros).

Therefore, to know that you must access your draft income and check what data the Tax Agency (AEAT) has about your fiscal year 2020. Of course, you must bear in mind that the data that are reflected in the draft do not have why correspond with the returns actually obtained. So, can the AEAT put data in my draft that is incorrect? Indeed, or more than incorrect, incomplete.

For this reason, especially in the case of employed workers, it is advisable to request the certificates that reflect personal income tax withholdings. Who should provide me with this document? The company you work for must provide you with this document.

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At that time, you can check if the amount reflected in the draft matches what the company has actually declared. In these certificates, you will not only see what you have withheld, but also the income received. As far as you know, with total security if you are obliged to make the declaration.

As if that were not enough, during this income campaign, many AEAT services will undergo changes that will worsen services for the citizen. For example, you will not be able to go to an office in person until June 2. And, for its part, telephone assistance will not be available until May 6.

The above can be a problem for taxpayers, and that is that according to TaxDown’s own data, 80% of taxpayers recognize that they need help to be able to file the return correctly, and even with that external help, every year in Spain they are presented more than 900,000 statements with some type of error.

Every year, many citizens who are obliged to make the declaration and, therefore, have some kind of obligation with the AEAT, get nervous. Everyone is in a hurry, cold sweats, right away, what if I’m wrong? So many others think. The truth and truth is that they have not taught us to make the income statement and the help provided by the Treasury is insufficient.

That is why, from Economipedia, we have always defended the same thing. But, not only for tax matters, for any subject. On many occasions, the monetary cost of hiring an expert in the field to help us is insignificant compared to the time savings involved in delegating it. And, even better, for the peace of mind of knowing that you are not making a mistake and, consequently, not being in doubt as to whether you are going to receive a certified letter from the Treasury.

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We have it clear, today, the best option to make the income statement is TaxDown. A startup that offers services to make the income statement through a few simple steps. During the previous two years, TaxDown, saved more than 4 million euros to taxpayers who trusted them to file income tax returns.

Image Taxdown

Thanks to its algorithm, TaxDown can ensure maximum savings to its clients.

In this sense, TaxDown® has developed its own algorithm, which crosses tax data with personal data and this is how it detects all applicable regional and state deductions, which are not reflected, by default, in the draft proposed by the Treasury. Thus, the platform improves by a high percentage the results of the initial draft offered by the Treasury.

If you want to see for yourself, how TaxDown works, we leave you the following video to show you how to file your income tax return with TaxDown.

The platform offers precision and security, with multiple detection systems to minimize the possibility of entering erroneous data. These alarms refer a team of TaxDown prosecutors, reporting all those statements that deserve to be reviewed.

The app is available on both Android and iOS, it offers the possibility of simulating the return for free, checking how much money you could save by filing with TaxDown. In the event that the user decides to proceed with the platform, TaxDown charges a flat fee of € 35, which includes all associated services (filing the return, assistance during the process, review after filing if necessary, etc.).

If you use the code ECONOMIPEDIA10 or access through the following link, you have a discount of 10 euros and you will only pay 25 euros:

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