How do I know if I have a debt with my DNI?

From the moment we request our first loan or credit, our credit information goes up to the database of the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP; as well as risk centers such as INFOCORP. This makes it possible for financial institutions to access this information when we request, for example, a loan, in order to know what our credit rating is.

But not only financial entities can access this data, but also service companies (such as telephone companies), and even recruiters (with our prior authorization). Likewise, we have the right and the facility to request our credit history (both before the SBS and risk centers) to know if we have a debt with any financial or commercial entity.

So how do I know if I have a debt with my ID?

How do I know if I have a debt with my DNI?

The best way “how to know if I have a debt with my DNI ” It is by going to the offices of the SBS or that of a risk center to request the credit history. This procedure can also be done online and is in fact preferable due to the current context.

It is important to mention that, in the case of the SBS debt report, it is completely free, while, in the case of credit bureaus such as Infocorp, it has a cost.

Next, we tell you the steps to know if you have a debt with your ID.

Enter the SBS website

To find out if you have a debt in your name, you just have to go to the SBS website or App, in the “Online Services” section and click on “SBS Debt Report”.

Enter the SBS website

Fill in the platform information

In the “SBS Debt Report” section, you must fill out the registration form. You must have your ID at hand and provide an email. A confirmation email will arrive to the latter.

Fill in the platform information

Click on the verification email and access your debt report

Once this is done, check your email inbox and follow the steps for verification. You can then access your SBS debt report for free.

access your debt report

The information in your debt report is updated each month and published at the end of the following month. Therefore, it is important to review this report every month, in order to detect debts that we have not acquired and solve them in time with the corresponding entities. Likewise, accessing this report will allow us to know the risk category in which we find ourselves, this is important, since it depends on whether or not we are candidates for future financial services and under what conditions.

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