How do I manage my salary to make ends meet?

Has it happened to you that with the fair you get enough salary to make ends meet? If this is your case, you are doing something wrong, and it is that many times it is not that you have a low salary, but that you are not managing your personal finances well.

Know your finances, save and make ends meet without problems

know your finances

Ant expenses, payment of unnecessary services, excesses in basic consumption, etc. They may be playing against your economy. In this post, we give you some tips to help you better manage your salary.

Avoid bank debts

avoid bank debts

Bank debts are not bad, as long as you know how to manage them well and have obtained them responsibly. Ideally, you should not spend more than 30% of your monthly income to pay them. If you are exceeding this monthly amount, stop using your card and finish paying your loans and credits before continuing to increase your debt.

Create a personal budget

make a personal budget

By preparing a personal budget you can know what your income is, your fixed expenses, your variable expenses and your ant expenses. Ideally, the sum of your variable expenses should never exceed the sum of your fixed expenses; remember, the first are necessary, the last two are dispensable.

Set goals

set goals

The best way to motivate yourself to save and take better control of your finances is to set savings goals. For example, you can consider buying a new car or collecting for the initial of your land. That way you will be more responsible with the monthly use of your money.

Start saving

start saving

Although today you have a monthly salary, nobody can know what will happen tomorrow. That is why it is important to have a savings fund for the future. Save for emergencies and so you will have peace of mind in case you suffer a layoff, an accident, get sick, etc.

Multiply your money by investing

multiply your money

If despite all the above, you still have problems making ends meet. Evaluate different possibilities to increase your income; While getting another job is an option, you might also consider investing some money in a project, a fixed-term savings fund, mutual funds, etc.

With these tips you can better manage your money. We recommend that you first pay off all your outstanding debts so that you can start enjoying liquidity. If you need help with this, at Al Día we have different programs that can help you pay off your debts in a few months.

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