How many credit bureaus are there in Peru?

The Central risk Also known as “credit bureau” are entities that are in charge of collecting information that users (natural or legal persons) have in the financial system. They are called risk centers since, thanks to the information they collect, they can evaluate the risk of non-payment that exists if a loan or credit is granted to a user, taking into account their debt history and payment behavior.

Companies registered as Central risk, in Peru, are regulated by Law No. 27489 and its amendments and are not under the supervision of the SBS.

How many credit bureaus are there in Peru and what are they?

Now that you know what credit bureaus are, let us introduce you to the ones that currently operate in Peru, these are Equifax, Sentinel and Xchange.


Equifax is the company in charge of Infocorp in Peru. The company has a presence in 24 countries and has been in business in Peru for 21 years. Like Infocorp, Equifax stands out for being the risk center that collects the most complete information in the country, thanks to this information, financial institutions can know the credit rating of users and decide whether or not to grant them the loans or credits they need.


Unlike Equifax’s debt report, Sentinel’s is free of charge; You only need to register on the risk center website with your ID information and create a password. In this platform you can not only obtain the debt report, but also manage alerts about the user’s debts.


This is a Peruvian risk center that allows you to access your own credit report or that of third parties (either natural or legal persons). The company has more than 12 years of experience and, in its platform, integrates information from multiple public and private sources.

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