How much is a Christmas basket worth?

The pandemic has left behind a trail of businesses and affected sectors. However, despite the general belief, sales of the Christmas baskets they were not affected.

And to some extent it makes all the sense in the world. 2020 was a very tough year, in which many companies saw their turnover reduced in a beastly way. However, two factors have played an essential role in maintaining the sales of Christmas baskets:

  • Maintaining the tradition and the details that go beyond money, was essential to maintain and take care of our relationships. The confinement caused us to see each other much less and the Christmas basket became a perfect detail to feel the human warmth that we had lost.
  • But at the same time, that same situation also caused many people to save during restrictions. In fact, that is why the hospitality industry has been so affected: it had no customers. And that saving was seen, to a large extent, in Christmas shopping.

Think about it, can you imagine a Christmas without a basket? It seems like it tastes little, doesn’t it? It is one of the most anticipated gifts from employees. And not only that, thousands of businesses take the opportunity to sell lottery or carry out raffles for Christmas baskets.

How much is the largest Christmas basket in Spain worth?

You may not know this, but in Spain the most valuable Christmas baskets are raffled off by restaurants. In a restaurant in Seville it has come to exceed 200,000 euros in prizes, while in another in Teruel it came to offer more than half a million euros.

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Cars (a BMW), motorhomes and even apartments are given away. It sounds crazy.

Although these data are impressive, the vast majority of mortals have to settle for the Christmas basket that a family member or the company gives us.

How much is a Christmas basket worth?

There is no fixed price. As you have seen, the price limit can be almost infinite. However, the vast majority of Christmas baskets can be found between 40 euros and 250 euros.

Logically, the price will vary depending on the quantity of products included and, above all, on their quality. A basket that includes an Iberian ham cannot cost the same as another that only contains the classic sweets and some sausage.

My advice is that if you consider buying a Christmas basket, take a good look at your budget and the people you are going to give it to. The difference is not so much in the price, but in the tastes of the people who receive it. Can you imagine that they give you the best wine in the world and you don’t like wine? As expensive as it may be, that person will surely not value it as much as if it includes your favorite products.

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