How to access personal loans while at Infocorp?

When you have a bad credit rating in credit bureaus, it becomes difficult, or even impossible, to access new loans or credits. However, there is a way to obtain personal loans being in Infocorp. In this post we want to tell you more about it.

Can you obtain personal loans being in Infocorp?

personal loans

If you have a bad credit rating in Infocorp it is still possible to get loans if the debt is not yet paid, for example, if you are as a client with potential problems. However, the cost of these loans (interest and fees) is higher than what is charged to a person with normal qualifications.

To get personal loans again while at Infocorp we recommend the following daily plans:

My board


If you have been late in your payments, for more than 60 days, and you want to regularize your situation in order to obtain better loans and credits in the future, we recommend the Mi Junta program. With this program, you will start saving in an individual fund, for 3, 6 or 9 months, with the aim that, after this time, you can pay off your debt.

By joining this program, our advisers will collectively negotiate your debt (along with the debts of other people in the same situation as you!) With the aim of obtaining better payment conditions and benefits.

By canceling your debt, you will be able to regulate your financial situation and after managing your non-debt letter, continue with the Reinserta plan, which we will tell you about later.



Another option, compared to the previous one, to get better loans and credits soon, is the Pool program. With this you can settle your debt in a single payment, so it is necessary that you have the total amount to qualify for this program.

Every month our advisors negotiate the debts of our clients collectively, so if you have the total of your debt to pay, we can include you in the negotiation so that you obtain greater benefits. After canceling your debt, we help you reinsert yourself into the financial system and get out of Infocorp’s blacklist with Reinserta.



If you have already canceled your debt, either through Pool or My Board, it is time for you to opt for our “Reinsert” plan. This is the fastest way to have a clean slate in your credit history at Infocorp, despite having a bad record in this credit bureau.

But how does Reinserta work? The day we have partnered with a bank in order that you can open a Fixed Term account of 1,100 soles in this. This will be the liquid guarantee that allows you to access a new loan and demonstrate that you can pay on time, thus renewing your credit rating, without having to wait years for your punishment in Infocorp to expire.

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