How to avoid bank fraud in the form of calls and text messages?

The bank fraud they have increased in the last year, through the modality of telephone calls or text messages. It is important to know how these crimes occur in order to recognize them, avoid them or take the appropriate measures if we are victims of them.

Bank fraud and how to avoid them

The vast majority have mobile phones to which criminals can call us to impersonate our bank and obtain our data. To avoid identity theft, it is best that we first know the official numbers and channels of communication of the financial institution with which we have an account and, second, that we never provide confidential information by phone call, text message or email.

Here are the most common bank frauds and how to avoid being a victim of them:

Calls communicating problems with your bank account

One of the most common calls in bank scams is when an alleged bank employee calls to say that there is a problem with your account; for example, that it is locked, that it has been emptied, etc. The goal of these types of calls is for you to panic and be willing to provide your details to solve the problem.

Solution: if you have a call of this type, hang up and call the official number of the bank to verify this information.

Text messages with links

Another way that criminals can try to scam you is through text messages in which they pose as your bank to offer you some benefit if you click on a link. If you click, two things can happen, it may be that a virus is installed that steals the information on your phone or it may ask you to fill in personal information. In this second case, you should only avoid providing the requested data to avoid the scam.

Tips to avoid being a victim of bank fraud

To conclude, here are some tips to help you avoid falling into the fraud strategies of criminals:

  • Never click on supposed links from your bank sent via text message.
  • Install an app that helps you detect spam or illegal calls.
  • Avoid answering calls from unknown or strange numbers.
  • If any message or call raises questions, contact the official numbers of the financial institution with which you have an account.

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