How to become attractive again for banks after being in Infocorp?

Having a bad rating in Infocorp, or being punished, in this credit bureau, affects the way banks see us. Having a bad credit rating makes it difficult to obtain new loans or credits; or if we get them, the interest we pay is usually higher than the rest.

How to improve the way banks see me?

Paying our debt is the first step to change the way banks see us; However, this does not erase the report we have at Infocorp nor does it make us more attractive to financial entities; more must be done to regain the confidence of the banks and give us or extend the loans. To achieve the latter, it is necessary to generate a new record as a good payer.

Next, we will tell you what are the options that will help you to be more attractive to banks.

My board

my board

If you have overdue debts for more than 60 days, and you want to catch up with them, Mi Junta is the option that will help you change your situation with financial entities. With this alDía program, clients save each month in a protected and individual account until they complete the amount of their debt. With the fund saved, and thanks to the collective negotiation of debts, alDía can negotiate better benefits for the settlement of your debt, in less than a year.



This option is perfect if you have been late in paying your debts and now you have the ability to settle it in a single payment. At alDía we negotiate, every month, the debts of our clients, in order to obtain better conditions and benefits for the settlement of their debts.

We can join you in collective bargaining so that you can also enjoy these benefits. In addition, once your debt is settled, we help you with the management of your non-debt letter, as well as in the reinsertion into the financial system so that you can create a new and good credit rating.



Finally, there is the Reinserta program, which is focused on people who have had a bad credit rating, have paid their debts and want to access the financial system again. For this program, the client must have an amount of money that serves as liquid collateral so that he can access a new loan that allows him to regain his good credit rating, without waiting for the years of punishment to pass.

These are three daily options that will help you become attractive again for financial institutions. Start by paying your debt and leave it to us to negotiate the best conditions and benefits for the settlement; as well as your reintegration into the financial system.

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