How to get the SBS report for free and online

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP is the entity in charge of regulating and supervising both the financial and insurance systems and the private pension system. This entity also has financial information on users, and offers the option that, as a user, you can view your debt report, free, on its website or in the SBS mobile app.

What is the SBS report and how to access it?

SBS report

The debt report of the SBS is a document that allows you to know all the credits that you have contracted with companies of the financial system. Likewise, as it has information on your payment behavior, you can also know, through your SBS report the credit rating you have.

The SBS report has no cost and it is enough to fill out a virtual form to request it and it will be provided to you immediately. You can also obtain the report in person, although it may generate additional charges both in customer service offices and if you present your request at the party table.

Next, we detail how to request your debt report before the SBS, step by step, online.

Access SBS Online Services

SBS online services

The SBS provides a series of online services to citizens through the following link: Click on it and then on the option “SBS Debt Report.”

Sign up

Sign up

After clicking, a new window will open where you will be asked for your username and password. If you don’t have it, you must register. To register you must accept the conditions of use, click on “next” and fill in the information requested: ID and email. You must also check the email checkbox. Then click next and check your email, you should have received a confirmation code.

Log in

log in

With your verified email you will be able to log in to the web and access your credit rating, the status of your debts and the lines of credit contracted.

That is all! With these simple steps you can access the full SBS report. Also remember that you can review your report as many times as you want, since there is no limit to queries. It is important that you know and access this report periodically, since, in this way, you will be able to verify if there is an error in your credit rating, detect possible fraud situations and corroborate the record of debt cancellation.

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