How to identify ant expenses and why should they be avoided?

Has it happened to you that money always seems to escape from your pockets no matter how much you schedule your expenses for the month? Most likely, if this happens it is because you are not counting your ant expenses in your monthly budget.

What are the ant expenses? How can I identify them?

What are the ant expenses

Ant expenses are those expenses that we often let go unnoticed because we consider them so miniscule that they don’t matter; However, if we add up all the ant expenses that we have in the month, we will see the great impact they have. For example, we can consider an ant expense that little coffee that we buy every afternoon; However, if we multiply this little coffee (of S / .10 or more) by all the days of the month that we buy it, we will see that it is an expense that matters.

Here are some tips for you to identify and avoid ant expenses:

It seems to be an irrelevant expense

irrelevant expense

As is the case with the cup of coffee that you buy every day. But this is not the only one, for example, you can also add that newspaper that you buy daily, when you could well read the news from your mobile phone.

They are repetitive expenses

repetitive expenses

The problem with ant expenses is not that they occur only once a month; if this were the case, they would not really have a great impact on our economy; they are given every day, and even more than once a day. For example, if we continue with the example of coffee, this becomes a daily expense that we could even influence both in the mornings and in the afternoons.

They are avoidable or substitutable expenses

avoidable expenses

It is an ant expense because if you ask yourself if it is necessary or not and the answer is negative. And if we add to this that instead of buying that specific product we can opt for a cheaper solution, with even greater reason.

In the case of the example, it would be more economical to invest in supplies to prepare coffee at home or in the office. Even buying a coffee maker would be more profitable in the long run than buying it every day from a coffee shop.

To avoid being a victim of your ant expenses, we invite you to add any expenses you have per month, no matter how miniscule it may seem, to your personal budget. This way you will be able to notice that the sum of what this “insignificant” expense gives you per month coincides with that money that you always think you lack. This practice will help you to be more conscious of your expenses and to make better use of the money from your income. Can you imagine what you could do if you saved those S / 300 that you spend on coffee from the cafeteria per month? You could have 3600 soles per year to do whatever you want!

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