How to know what your risk category is in the SBS debt system

The SBS is the body in charge of the supervision and regulation of the financial system in Peru. This entity also supervises and regulates the insurance system and the private pension system. This body has its own risk center, which is known as the SBS debt system, and in which there is a record of all the debtors of the financial companies.

SBS Debt System What is it?

SBS debt system

Just as there are private credit bureaus such as Infocorp or SENTINEL, there are also state credit bureaus. This is the case of the SBS credit registry, which, as mentioned before, has the most extensive registry of debtors in the country. The purpose of the SBS risk center is to consolidate and classify the information on debtors in the financial system. With this information stored in its database, it is intended to avoid over-indebtedness of people, as well as delinquency.

What information is recorded?

SBS debt system

The obligations you acquire with financial entities are recorded in the SBS debt system. That is, loans or credits. Likewise, it also includes data such as indirect debts (guarantees, letters of credit, among others).

How do I know what my risk category is?

SBS risk category

The SBS classifies debtors based on the type of credit they have been granted. For example, the classification of debtors (natural persons) is different from that of small companies. Regarding the first, you can have the following categories:

  • Normal Category (0)
  • Category with potential problems (1)
  • Category deficient (2)
  • Doubtful category (3)
  • Loss category (4)

To know what your category is in the SBS it is necessary that you request your debt report. This can be requested on the SBS website or App, as well as in person. Report delivery is free for online channels.

If you have a negative rating on the SBS and you want to regularize your situation, what you should do is pay your past due debts and manage your no debit letter. To help you pay your past due debts, we have our program My board, thanks to which we bring together people with the same problem as you; so they can start saving monthly in a protected account by generating an individual fund. In this way, in a period of 3, 6 or 9 months you can pay off your debt and reinsert yourself into the financial system. Would you like to know more? Contact us!

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